Congress Pitches For India’s Male Muslim Vote Over Triple Talaq Bill

An Indian election is a good time to see in the raw what is often done a little more politely, perhaps in a more restrained manner, in all other democracies. Those who have political power, those who would gain it, carefully crafting policies to appeal to certain sectors and or segments of the population. We’ve all got things we care passionately about, others we’re not much worried either way. The trick being to promise to use the things we care deeply about while annoying everyone else only on those things they’re not puffed over.…

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The Effects Of Sharia Law On Marriage – Nope, Not This

Mark Twain pointed out that it’s not what you don’t know that’s dangerous, it’s what you are certain is true but which ain’t that is. Which is something of a problem if those insisting upon knowing things which aren’t true are those who rule us.

Well, obviously, MPs are going to be know nothing careerists but we might hope for better from the House of Lords. Except, well:

Baroness Flather was the first Asian woman appointed to the House of Lords

Hmm, a career as a TEFL teacher and then local politician led to this elevation.…

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