Sadiq Khan’s Monstrous Decision On Uber

The problem with Sadiq Khan’s – and sure, it’s TfL but let’s not be stupid about the Mayor’s influence or not – refusal to renew Uber’s licence in London isn’t the triviality of the objection, it’s that it’s not even Khan that should be making the decision.

The objection itself is trivial of course. It’s that some 45 drivers faked their ID to get onto the system and provide rides. That’s out of 45,000 rivers in Uber’s system.…

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In What Universe Are Taxi Drivers Normally Employees?

That some to many don’t like Uber’s employment policies is true. But to think that taxi drivers are normally employees, with sick pay, holidays, fixed wages is to be simply ignorant. That’s not how the industry is or ever has been organised:

By now, most Americans are well acquainted with the “gig” economy. Companies reclassify their employees as contractors, thereby shedding costs and responsibilities for workplace rights and benefits. Uber is the prime example. The company claims to be a technology platform rather than an employer, transforming and upending the traditional relationship that a taxi company has with its staff and making drivers cheap, disposable widgets.

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What’s The Effect Of The IPO Pipeline On Uber’s Pricing?

We can look at the pricing of an IPO as just the single transaction. Those selling – which includes earlier investors and possibly the company itself – would like to gain the maximum price for what they’re selling. Those who continue to hold from that group would like to maximise the price over time of course, not just at that one instant of the IPO.

However, this all gets rather more complicated when we realise that the system itself isn’t so much interested in the one transaction but rather in the success of the system.…

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NYC Reimposes Taxi Medallions On Uber And Lyft Via Back Door

The argument against Uber, Lyft and the other non-traditional taxi companies has always been that they disrupt the cosy cartel of the traditional taxi companies. This is obviously why Uber and Lyft are so to the benefit of actual passengers, their disruption of the cartel.

That cartel takes different forms in different places. In London it’s the insistence that black cab drivers take The Knowledge. Something that’s entirely redundant in today’s world of online mapping systems.…

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When Is Uber’s Loss Really A Profit?

If you’re thinking about Uber’s IPO then there’s the one number that you want to find out. We’re going to leave the finding out of it as an exercise for the reader because we’re like that. It is, however, the one number that is important in this whole process.

For we can see that Uber’s losing money. We can also see that it’s lost a lot of money since conception. And there’s always the hope that it will make money at some point in the future.…

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How Can Lyft’s IPO Show That Uber Is A Monopoly?

It’s possible for people to have a monomania and then fit everything into that world view, of course it is. There’s no explanation for Marxism other than that. But it’s rare to see such mistakes – other than that Marxism of course – being taken seriously.

Here’s one of those rare examples from The Observer:

On Friday Lyft, the ridesharing company, went public on the US stock markets, soaring 21% before ending the day up a more modest 8.7%.

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For Sadiq Khan Discrimination Against Uber Drivers Is The Point

Given that Sadiq Khan is well in the pocket of the black cab drivers this extension of the congestion charge being discriminatory is rather the point, not a problem. For gaining legal privilege over and above what other drivers gain is the very point of being an organised guild in the first place. There is an amusement that Khan, something of a race baiter himself, is getting it in the neck over the racially discriminatory aspect of this.…

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Well Of Course Jolyon Maugham’s Uber Legal Challenge Should Have Failed

Jolyon Maugham – Soapy Joe to those who know him well – has been trying to sue someone, somewhere, for some time now. He’s not willing to put up his own near half million a year of course, he relies upon crowdfunding and donations from interested parties to fund it all. That not being quite how English law does work, something which seems to have come as a surprise to this leading QC.

What does happen is that if you bring a case then great, all is well and good.…

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Barcelona’s Taxi Drivers Want To Destroy The Economy Of Uber

That taxi drivers aren’t all that overjoyed at the arrival of Uber is obvious enough. No one does like the arrival of competition which undercuts the ability to make a living doing what one knows. More especially no one likes the undercutting of economic privilege. However, for the rest of us out there there’s a need to actually think a little about what it is that is being protected – and how it is being suggested that it remains protected.…

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Shutdown Woes – Bureaucrats Getting Real Jobs Like Driving For Uber

There’s long been a certain suspicion that we don’t need quite as much government as we actually get. Even, that we might do better if we had a little less of it. It’s also one of those things whispered about late at night that perhaps not all – each and every one – of those bureaucrats actually does something useful for the rest of us. Do we actually need quite so many pens pushed, clipboards wielded?…

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