Walmart Stores Reduce Food Insecurity – We Should Have More Walmart Stores Then, Obviously

This shouldn’t be the greatest surprise anyone’s ever had. If a store opens up that sells food at everyday cheap prices then the people in the surrounding area are able to purchase more food out of the same incomes. Food insecurity – the inability to afford sufficient food – thus falls. That is, the solution to the poor not having enough food is more of that plutocratic capitalism.

Walmart Supercenters fight food insecurity
Charles Courtemanche, Art Carden, Xilin Zhou, Murugi Ndirangu 18 July 2019

Food security is a concern even in industrialised countries, with 14.5% of US households lacking food security during at least some of the year 2012.…

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Bernie Sanders And Walmart’s $11 An Hour – Top 3% Income Globally

Bernie Sanders insists that $11 an hour is too small a wage. This, the starting wage at Walmart, is not a living wage. Which, if we’re honest about it, is a hell of a piece of news for us out here in the real world. Because $11 an hour is pretty good money actually. Puts you in the top 3% of all incomes globally. And if top 3% really just isn’t enough then we’ve got to start wondering what would be.…

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Obviously, Walmart Pays Double The Minimum Wage On Average – So Abolish The Minimum Wage

That Walmart pays low wages is true. That Walmart averages twice the minimum wage is also true. There is no conflict between these two statements either. The thing connecting them being that the mean wage in retail is near twice the minimum wage. Yet retail is also a lowly paid occupation. Given that Walmart is competing in the market for retail workers – it’s the largest such competitor too – then its pay levels are going to be around and about the industry norm.…

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Truly, There Is No Poverty – Food Stamps Recipients To Get Free Home Delivery Of Food

It’s entirely true that in our current society there are those who have less than others. It’s also said that there is true poverty in our society. That second isn’t really true. Poverty is being measured as having less than others, not as having near nothing. Further, most American poverty is measured before all of the things that we do to alleviate poverty – Section 8, EITC, food stamps and so on.

It is though possible to just stop a moment and consider what people do call poverty in this modern day.…

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Minimum Wage Lesson – Wages Are Rising, Walmart Is Hiring More Robots

As everyone keeps telling us rising the minimum wage just doesn’t cost anyone their job, no siree. Labour is unique among the things that human beings buy, no one ever will buy less of it just because it’s becoming more expensive. Unlike, say, ice cream, where we all know that we’ll sell fewer at $15 than we will at 15 cents.

But, you know, the Fight for $15 is cool politics and that trumps reality, right?…

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Walmart’s Firing Disabled Greeters – Welcome To A Higher Minimum Wage World

Walmart used to hire people to simply stand – or sit, or lean on crutches – around and say “Welcome to Walmart” to people as they came in. This is clearly not a particularly intensive use of labour but they were all happy with it so why not? The employer, Walmart itself, seemed happy enough to pay the cost, the people who did the job turned up and cashed the paychecks so we’ve got to assume they were happy enough to do the work.…

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Sure, “Walmart, A Progressive Success Story” Pushes A View – The Correct View

Over in the drifts of the far left where Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the like reside in their democratic socialism there’s the view that Walmart is something that has impoverished the average American. Whereas it’s actually contributed, massively, to the increase in living standards of the average person. To grasp this you need to be able to understand the concept of real wages. Not a terribly difficult one, to be sure, but one that seems to puzzle all too many.…

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Walmart And All You Need To Know About Raising Wages

There are those of us who view economics as some terribly complicated subject which requires decades to properly master. There are also the first few pages of any Economics 101 text which give us all a working wrench set with which to play with the nuts and bolts of the essential questions.

Take this little story, Walmart is trying to hire some more truck drivers. There aren’t many unemployed truck drivers out there. We’ve also got a low unemployment rate, the lowest in a generation.…

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Marketworld – You’re Right, It’s The Usual Ignorant Drivel

A new entry in the blame stakes, a description of our current arrangements as MarketWorld – something that neatly explains all that is wrong with that reality around us. The rich get all the benefits of whatever economic growth is going on, we peeps out here get the merest scraps if we get anything at all.

The problem with the diagnosis is that it’s drivel. Purest, ignorant, drivel.

A successful society is a progress machine.

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India’s Bad Idea – More E-Commerce Restrictions To Hit Flipkart And Amazon

We know why this is being done of course, these new restrictions upon e-commerce in India, it’s to stop Flipkart and Amazon from competing too, too, directly with the local firms and also with the bricks and mortar retailers in the country. The bureaucrats and the politicians see it as their duty to do this, to make sure that the more inefficient retailers aren’t riven out of business by the better and newer systems. Unfortunately, for everyone except the people who own those retailers this is an extremely bad idea.…

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