Lizzie Warren’s Lying – She’ll Need A Middle Class Tax Rise

We really should call out lies when we see them. Yea even when talking about political promises made on the electoral stump. Isn’t this what we’re told Facebook is to be castigated for, allowing people to say untrue things in political advertising?

So, thus, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s tale that she can finance Medicare for All without a middle class tax rise cannot be advertised, can it? For it is untrue.

The intrusion of reality into the claim being that wealth is a stock.…

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Instead Of Warren’s $100 Billion Opioids Plan Why Not Something That Works – Legalising Heroin?

Senator Elizabeth Warren is just licking her lips at being able to spend another $100 billion of our money. This time it’s to solve the opioids crisis- which she’ll do in the normal for Progressives manner of throwing money at things that don’t work but just measure how much is being spent! At which point we’d do well to try suggesting something that would actually work – legalising heroin. And proper, full, legalisation too. People get to manufacture and distribute legally, create brands and gain public acknowledgement of them.…

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Bernie, Warren, Kamala, They’re All Part Of The 1%

One of the interesting things about this mania for dropping tax returns among the Democratic runners is how many of them are part of that 1% they so rail against. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, they’re all there, securely in the top 1% of family or household incomes for the US. They all also rail against the incomes and inequality of the one percent which must take a certain amount of mental contortion.

Sure, there are several arguments that could be used to justify all of this.…

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Elizabeth Warren’s Against Monopoly – OK, Against In Education, In Guns?

Elizabeth Warren is arguing that Big Tech is getting terribly monopoly-like and we really ought to do something about that. Hmm, well, it’s an interesting contention at least. Certainly we should always be considering whether monopoly is arising, market power being accumulated and even, if it is, is it being exercised to the detriment of consumers?

So, the initial thought to be picking at, worrying about, seems reasonable enough:

The story demonstrates why promoting competition is so important: it allows new, groundbreaking companies to grow and thrive — which pushes everyone in the marketplace to offer better products and services.

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Warren, Progressives And Childcare – Do They All Hate Their Own Children?

Elizabeth Warren is suggesting that all Americans would like to be able to send their children off to be cared for by someone else. So much so that they’d like the Federal government to make it so. So much so much so that they’d like all to be poorer to make it so. Someone really does need to study the relationships progressives have with their own children, don’t they? For there are some people who quite like having their own children around rather than farming them out to someone poorer and darker to take care of.…

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If Only Matt Yglesias Actually Understood Nordic Corporate Codetermination

We’ve already been somewhat unkind about one aspect of Elizabeth Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act on the grounds that it shows off Warren’s ignorance concerning the basics of the subject. Now it is necessary to inform another, Matt Yglesias, on how this real world thing works. It is indeed true that the Nordic model of corporate governance is admired and it most certainly seems to be efficient. But it’s not because of workers on the board, it’s not because of this codetermination.…

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