Our Agony Aunt – Your Husband Should Find A New Wife

This is not the advice that The Guardian’s agony aunt is giving but to adopt a point made by one of the Greek shipping billionaires to his second – or perhaps third – wife, time to get another one:

I’ve been married for 10 years and love my husband. He is kind, great with the kids and hard-working. But his humour is generally based on quotes from comedy sketches (often reciting the entire sketch) and long anecdotes that get triggered by a word.

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Why Be Surprised At Carlos Ghosn’s Treatment? That’s The Japanese Justice System For You

Varied are complaining about how Carlos Ghosn is being treated in that Japanese jail as a result of his – sorry, allegations of – being a little too free into his paycheque with the company’s money behaviour. It’s entirely true that we’d not want to be treated this way ourselves, equally so that our own justice systems – at least the UK or US – wouldn’t either treat us this way nor would be allowed to.…

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