Nazir Ahmed – A Peer But Not A Gentleman

There was a time when a peer was, by definition, a gentleman – that time is long gone of course. We are indeed going through a period of societal change. The problem we’ve all got here is that we’ve not quite worked out what the new rules are, this being true in two different ways in this little story.

Who should a peer sleep with or not, who should a woman sleep with or not. The general view of the latter is whoever and whenever the individual wishes to although that seems not to be true when they decide, afterwards, that they don’t like it.…

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Someone Pregnant And Giving Birth Is Not A Man

This is to distinctly go against modern mores but it’s also an important distinction to make. Someone who possess the ovaries, uterus, womb and hormonal systems to carry a pregnancy to term and give birth is not a man. This is what is known as a “woman.” This is nothing at all to do with the patriarchy, capitalism or even my own stickinthemudism. It’s just an observation about the world and the use of language in describing it.…

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