If Only Sonia Sadha Understood What Work Actually Is

Sonia Sadha has just made a programme for the BBC about working hours. And sadly she doesn’t understand, in the slightest, what working hours actually are. This is something of a problem when you’re making a programme about working hours.

There are two other reasons to reconsider the length of the working week. We already work a 32-hour week on average (pretty much a four-day week); it’s just that it’s predominantly women who work part-time.

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Britons Don’t Have The Longest Working Hours In Europe – Don’t Be Silly

If we want to try to change the world it’s probably a good idea for us to know how it works already. You know, so that we can both work out whether we want to change it and also ponder through which lever to pull in order to gain the desired alteration.

This being something that is near never done when considering working hours. Because the fools will just keep on looking at the hours done working for The Man and not actual working hours.…

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Yes, You’re Right, Owen Jones Is Ignorant Of The World

That Owen Jones is a fine propagandist, pamphlet writer, is clearly and obviously true. The sadness is that this talent, skill, seems unsullied by any great knowledge of the world he desires to change. Today’s he’s following the party line – not something we expect him to deviate from that often – in complaining about the number of hours we all work. Oblivious, entirely, to how the working week has been shrinking for a couple for centuries now.…

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