Why Is Packaged Food Cheaper?

We have something called WRAP – Waste and Resources Action Programme – in the UK. They’re the people tasked with reducing waste across the economy. Sadly, they’re either idiots or woefully misinformed. For they fail the most basic economic test of the problem they’re supposedly there to deal with.

The perceptive – OK, all those not drooling morons – will grasp it immediately:

Supermarkets must ditch plastic packaging on fruit and vegetables and remove sell-by dates in order to reduce waste, a new government-backed report has said.

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Wrap’s Full Of It, Food Waste Is Worth Nothing – It’s Waste, Right?

Wrap – the busybodies who get paid out of our tax money to wibble about waste – fail a very simple economic test here:

More than £1bn of food destined for UK supermarkets is thrown away or fed to animals before it leaves farms every year, according to a study highlighting the scale of the country’s waste problem.

People don’t throw away a billion pounds. Even when we’re talking about economy side numbers, that’s real money.…

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Glorious Plastics – Minister Clueless About Own Department’s Actions

The current demonisation of plastics is of course just a manifestation of the latest religious mania. There’s little rhyme and no reason to it all. And yet we can still find amusements in it, little stories which illustrate other aspects of life. As with this, where a government minister rails against one such aspect of the use of plastics only to find out that his own department uses plastics in exactly this manner. The point being not anything about plastics but why each and every attempt to plan an economy in detail always does end up as the most abject failure.…

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WRAP – The Government – Really Doesn’t Understand Toast

We have a government department – OK, a quango financed by government – which seems not to understand the basics of toast. For they’re telling us that we should keep bread in the freezer in order to be able to toast it before it goes stale. Rather missing the point of toast, which is that it’s a way of freshening up bread that’s gone a bit stale. That is, they’ve missed the entire point of the process.…

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