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The Guardian Sure Has It In For Sean Hannity

It’s a little difficult to work out what’s going on here between The Guardian and Sean Hannity. They’ve been running a series on how he’s some ghastly slum landlord. Taking some of that mid $30 millions a year he gets paid and putting it into apartment blocks in poorish areas of the US. Further, into the sort of apartment blocks where people might use Section 8 housing vouchers (to Brits, akin to housing benefit).

It’s not actually said but the underlying thesis seems to be that this is appalling. It’s not directly said because of course it isn’t appalling, but you can just smell the disdain wafting off the page. They’ve now taken this one step further:

The number of eviction orders obtained against tenants in a Georgia apartment complex owned by Sean Hannity has sharply increased since the property was bought by the Fox News host.

County court records say that judgments approving the removal of 61 different residents of the Hampton Place apartments in Perry have been issued during the three years and 10 months since Hannity took over.

The previous owner of the 152-unit apartment complex obtained similar orders against 12 different tenants during the preceding three years and 10 months, according to the records, before selling it to Hannity for almost $8m.

Well, yes, and?

We could ponder, for example, on why the block was sold. Perhaps because the previous managers weren’t efficient enough at making sure that rent got paid? We could also ponder on the nature of rental at this end of the housing market. Who is it likely not to pay their rent? Those at the bottom of the food chain of course, those in the sort of blocks where they can use housing assistance to pay for it. We might even wonder what is the eviction rate (do note that the rate quoted there is that for eviction notices, not all of which get enforced, deals are made on back rent etc) in this sort of housing more generally? Are Hannity’s managers being more or less aggressive than usual in this field?

Actually, we get none of that. It’s just and only – Hannity’s a landlord who has evicted people. Yah! Boo! Sucks! And that’s it.

Well, yes, what does anyone expect a landlord to do when someone doesn’t pay the rent? We going to get pieces shouting about how evil the Walton family are because Walmart prosecutes for shoplifting?

As I say it’s difficult to work out what’s going on here. My assumption is that Hannity supports Trump, this must not be allowed, so let’s publish lots of nasty stuff about Hannity. Or at least stuff that our own readers – who already believe that Hannity and Trump are Bad Things – will believe are bad. So there.

Seriously, cannot think of any other reason for this in depth investigation they’re doing.

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6 years ago

This is not at all difficult to figure out. When you are having trouble checkmating the king, you bide your time and try to knock off a knight. The first step is to get the public to view the talk host as a slumlord. Advertiser boycotts come next. It was not Mitt Romney’s fault, either, that a woman let go when Bain Capital reorganized a failing business lost her employer-paid health insurance and contracted cancer. But, as then, the facts do not matter. Pussy hats on!

6 years ago

There’s an literature article in the Grun today saying: is it acceptable to have bigoted characters in a novel? Is it acceptable for a character to vote for Brexit?

Truely, they have reached peak stupidity and are rapidly building a ladder.

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