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Vaping, The NHS And The Health Lobby

Vaping is in the news almost daily. In the NHS, hospital after hospital allows vaping within grounds from which cigarette smoking is banned.  There are calls now for vaping to be generally permitted on NHS premises.  This is all to the good, but it has taken long enough.  The fact is that vaping saves lives.  The recent Adam Smith Institute report suggests that a million life years could be saved by encouraging it.

Vaping has been shown to be the most effective way of giving up smoking.  Yet the black propaganda tries to suggest that it is “as bad as smoking.”  This patently absurd claim – it has about one hundredth of the health risks – has discouraged women, in particular, from using it to stop smoking.  Anti-vaping campaigners are literally killing people.

Absurdly, the use of e-cigarettes is banned in many public places such as train stations.  It should be promoted instead.  There is no second-hand vaping, and it undoubtedly helps its users to a better, healthier life.  Campaigners say it “looks like smoking,” and they think it is somehow a gateway to actual smoking.  This is nonsense.  It is a gateway to giving up smoking.The tobacco companies realized some time ago where things were headed, and most of them own vaping and smoke-free tobacco production.  Some campaigning groups are so used to “big tobacco” as the enemy, that they now extend their hostility to vaping as well as smoking.  Nonsense. Vaping works.  It saves lives.  They should stop campaigning against it and go and do something useful instead.

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6 years ago

You make the usual mistake of assuming that “campaigners” are actually campaigning against what they say they are.

The vast majority of the busybodies that plague our lives are campaigning about people doing things the campaigners don’t think they should. It really doesn’t matter whether that thing is actually healthy or not, a choice or not. The problem is people doing what I don’t think they should!!!

The real question is why our governments pay any attention to them?

6 years ago

Dittos to Phoenix84. Vaping solves the stated problems with smoking, just as Uber solved the stated problems for which taxi licensing was created, and trans-fats and powdered baby formula were an improvement in the state of the art. That is why the goal had to be moved.

Chewing gum in public, given discourtesy in its disposal, can lead to supreme annoyances. Is it government’s business? Does that plague of busybodies promote courtesy? Hardly.

6 years ago

My biggest problem with vaping is that it looks so silly, it looks like kiddies with oversized lolliepops. Somebody I worked with had a tobacco pipe shaped vaper, which looked so much more “sensible”. The dispensing technology just needs fixing.

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