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Dispatches From The States #1

This is from our special correspondent in Flyover Country, Dennis the Peasant:

It’s only July, but Dennis is going out on a limb here and tell you the November elections are not going to be kind to the Democratic Party. As it stands I cannot imagine the Republicans losing either the House or the Senate.

Why? Well, let’s count the ways, starting with the state of the opposition…

At present, the face of the Democratic Party on any given day is either Nancy Pelosi trying desperately to muddle through her daily press conference, or Maxine Waters advocating the harassment and intimidation – both forms of violence – against citizens whose political views she disapproves of.

The face of ‘The Resistance’ on any given day is Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell or Kathy Griffin. Unlikable multimillionaires all, madly tweeting of the hell of living under Trump from their Hollywood mansions. When you have Tom Arnold on your side, and The Resistance does, it’s time to start thinking about where things went horribly, horribly wrong.

The face of the ‘Unbiased Press’ is CNN each and every day. The face of CNN is Jim Acosta. “Nuff said.

And if that isn’t enough…

The ‘Future of the Democratic Party’ is, as of this day, a 28 year-old ‘Democratic Socialist’ by the name of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her real-world accomplishments to date consist of graduating from college to a career as a barmaid and waitress. She won a primary in a part of the country that thinks Bill DeBlasio is a good idea. She’s for open borders, guaranteed jobs for all, free education and health care for everyone, and against law enforcement, the 2nd Amendment, and anyone making more money than she does.

All this will play well for Democrats in November.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Let’s not forget the Never Trump faction of the Republican Party. Beyond their viceral hatred of the President, what do Bill Kristol, Max Boot, George Will and Jennifer Rubin have in common? The only thing they’ve ever done in life is run their mouths. That and the fact that their self-appointed status as learned gentlefolk is far more important to them than actually doing the hard, dirty work implementing the principles and policies they claim to support. Theirs is the rage of the impotent. To the extent they are not ignored, they are mocked.

And then there’s the John Kasichs and Jeff Flakes of the party. The first an opportunist, the second an incompetent, neither of whom can quite come to the understanding that Donald Trump has exposed them for what they really are. You could say the same for Jeb Bush. These men are part of the country club set of the Republican Party, a set that gave their party two incompetent presidents (both named Bush), and two incompetent presidential contenders in McCain and Romney. They don’t understand the frustration of the proles, and probably never will. Being men of weakness, they have either been pushed aside or have voluntarily left for other environs… and now they wait in the smug certitude that sooner or later, Trump’s voters will see the error of their ways and beg forgiveness.

So… What we have going into November is a Democratic Party fronted by two hugely unpopular politicians and one waitress, supported by the remnants of the Ineffectual Wing of the Republican Party .

The policies the Democrats espouse, to the extent they espouse anything coherent at all, revolve around impeaching Donald Trump, allowing unrestricted illegal immigration via open borders, abolishing or ignoring the 2nd Amendment, raising taxes, and expanding the reach of government.

How can that not win?

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5 years ago

It is pleasant reading wishful thinking from fellow neoliberals, but it is also pleasant eating an ice cream cone. Democrats do not win elections because they ever explain how it will work to steal more money and fritter it around. They win because they develop fake issues, such as “Trump colluded with Russia,” endlessly repeated on the networks with even skeptical Republican legislators mired in committee investigations of it. Scandals emerge a week before the election to reinforce the notion that Republican candidates “are not people like us.” (The dossier about pissing prostitutes, built around a factual Trump trip to… Read more »

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