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Sunday Poll: Have You Ever Been Polled?

From the last few political events we know that polling has been’t exactly been an exact science. With the election of President Trump, Leave winning the UK/EU referendum and the Tory majority in 2015, were wondering how many of you have actually ever been polled, professionally?

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2 years ago

As a resident of New Hampshire, I got polled often, in every year divisible by four, until I went cellular. As the pollster knows exactly who I am but will not divulge who it is, much less answer my favorite question, “Who is your client?” I never gave responses. As with police body-cameras or Campaign Finance agencies, it is much easier to assemble dossiers on the individual than to achieve actual social goals, even just measurement. Pollsters collect free information by giving the misimpression that the respondent is momentarily able to speak in the name of society. (Twitter does too.)

Bloke in Cyprus
Bloke in Cyprus
2 years ago

I can’t vote as I don’t have a Twatter account…

But no, I’ve never been polled…

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