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Just How Do Countries Become Rich?

How you organise matters makes a great deal more difference than we used to think. It’s not that there is a steel plant, some roads, a tax and health care system, but how are all of these things organised?

An interesting answer to all of this being that markets are even more important than we though they were:

On the prosperity of countries

Linda Yueh 04 August 2018

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Rhoda Klapp
Rhoda Klapp
5 years ago

If you wanna be rich, do what rich people do, as far as you can. Do NOT do the stupid things that the better off avoid. It applies on a personal or family or community level, and it applies for nations too.

One of the said stupid things being paying too much attention to economic theory. Believe rich economists only, and then only those who practice what they preach.

5 years ago
Reply to  Rhoda Klapp

And yet even this economic reporter assumes that a goal of all the economic adaptation is harmonizing with such Sustainability claptrap as the UN might decree, and “eliminating global poverty,” which will never happen if some members of the global village continue to want to shirk work and make excuses and if we continue to cater to them. If you wanna be rich, reorganize to locate economic decisions closer to the individual wherever possible. Act by shutting government offices. Start with the Wage And Hour bureaus. If you wanna be rich, focus exclusively on being rich. Not on feel-good distractions… Read more »

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