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Of Course Self-Driving Cars Will Be Used As Brothels – Humans Being Notably Interested In Shagging

It’s not entirely certain whether this is a warning or a prediction, but self-driving cars will be used as brothels. This being a fairly safe bet we would think given the notable interest us human beings have in the process, even subject, of shagging. It’s worth noting, right at the outset here, that this isn’t some grand claim about humans and sex, it’s simply an observation concerning evolution. We’re, largely enough, descended from those who liked shagging. That desire and enjoyment being something that gets reinforced down the generations – those who don’t tend not to contribute to that next generation.

Yes, it’s always that something of a teenage shock to realise that, at least back in the day, Granny and Granddad enjoyed what you’ve just discovered but that is the process by which it all works, the production of grandparents.

So, we go off and invent some new form of privacy and guess what, it gets used for sex. This is therefore not a surprise:

Brothels could move into self-driving cars, British academics predict.

A paper by researchers at the University of Surrey and Oxford suggests that “pay-per-hour” hotel rooms are likely to be replaced by autonomous cars when the technology is introduced.

“While SCAVs [shared, connected autonomous vehicles] will likely be monitored to deter passengers having sex or using drugs in them, and to prevent violence, such surveillance may be rapidly overcome, disabled or removed.

“Moreover, personal CAVs will likely be immune from such surveillance. Such private CAVs may also be put to commercial use, as it is just a small leap to imagine Amsterdam’s Red Light District ‘on the move’,” the paper says.

The paper itself is rather good actually. It is a musing on what the technological change is likely to bring. As it accords with our own prejudices upon the matter of course it’s good.

The conceptual paper entitled Autonomous vehicles and the future of urban tourism imagines the impact of AVs in future urban tourism and focuses on the pros and cons of these impacts with regards to the transformation of urban space, the rise of autonomous taxis, and changes to city sightseeing and hospitality in the urban night.

But specifically about sex and self driving cars. Yes, obviously and of course. Anyone who has taken part in American teenage life knows what cars are for – to park up and pet in on the way back from the drive in. Heck, anyone who has ever seen a coming of age movie – usually set in that last halcyon summer between high school graduation and college – knows this. We also have real world evidence of what the invention of the cheap car, the Model T, did.

The prevalence of Ford’s Model T automobiles made it easy to find private places for what was called “petting.”

And there’s at least one research insistence that the Model T itself – or the activity it allowed perhaps – was responsible for a decline in the prevalence of virginity at marriage.

So, yes, obviously, self driving cars will be used for sex. Paid sex being a subset of the sex they’ll be used or. Not really anything specific about self driving cars either, it’s just that given the human interest in the subject and activity we do tend to use absolutely any new technology to further our shagging.

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