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Socialists Keep The Faith At Denver Conference

Clearly my events radar isn’t as good as it should be for I hadn’t known that the Democratic Socialists of America were having a conference in Denver. Yet it does appear to be so:

Socialists keep the faith at Denver conference

Even The Guardian is making fun of them:

The most common thread among the 650 believers at the event was that a planned world is an objective truth

There are people who really believe this stuff despite the varied proofs:

Socialists gather for international conference even as reality debunks their theory

It’s something of a pity that the brightest species on the planet should be deluded by such obvious nonsense but it clearly takes all sorts:

Scott, holding the Utah license plate “O-Cortez” is explaining how the socialist revolution will bring “societal collapse” because the bulk of our knowledge comes from neoliberal institutions.

“It’s globalism,” his wife Julie interjects. The term, a favorite of President Donald Trump, has become an anti-Semitic euphemism, attached to a far-right conspiracy about Jews controlling the world. I make what must be a funny face, because Julie tries to clarify.

“Globalism,” she repeats, and draws a circle with her hands to illustrate.

But really, we shouldn’t mock, these people are just the political and economic equivalents of the Flat Earth Society. Whatever the evidence, whatever the universe tries to tell them, they just will keep insisting that the sociopolitical system that hasn’t worked in the 50 or so attempts at it will when we try it. Because, reasons.

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