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The tactics of the Left have solidified enough now for us to start wargaming them

For many years one of their foundational tactics has been “accuse your enemy of that which you do”

Take the latest comments from Donald Tusk, who accuses the Right of having brownshirts willing to use violence to pursue their political goals.

While liberals in America hassle their political enemies in restaurants, talk about killing them, and vandalize their homes.

Their strategy is simple – “Want the freedom to act like brownshirts? Accuse your enemies of acting like brownshirts.”

Every time the Left stoops to a new level, we can predict the headlines.

If tomorrow they started vandalising cars that belonged to white teachers, we know that soon they will be presenting us with a case of a black teacher whose car has been vandalised by racists.

And if they don’t come across such a story quickly enough, they will invent one.

Or smash up his car themselves.

So let’s get ahead of this – when you see the Left take it to the next level, recognise that the accusation against the Right is imminent.

Like a footballer who niggles away at you the whole game, kicking you, biting you, scratching and pinching you, and spitting in your face at corners.

And then when eventually you tire of his rancid breath in your face you push him away and he immediately rolls around on the ground while claiming you punched him.

You get sent off, and he leaps to his feet to start on someone else.


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