21 Savage Was Just Doing A Doris Day


A certain amount of shock as it turns out that 21 Savage, a rapper from the mean streets of Atlanta, is actually British and thus entirely cultured, civilised and someone who prefers a nice cup of tea to gangbanging and drivebys. The only problem with this – there’s nothing wrong with being British whatever the French say – is that it’s a bit of a killer to a music career in the genre he has chosen.

But in this he’s really just doing a Doris Day:

A Grammy-nominated rapper who built his reputation on a tough upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia surrounded by drugs and guns is actually British, it has been revealed, as other rap artists share their shock that he may be deported. US immigration officers detained 21 Savage, whose real name is Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, on Sunday for allegedly overstaying his visa. After Abraham-Joseph’s status became public, other rappers rushed to show their support and called for him to be allowed to remain in the country.

The point being not that he’s blonde and wholesome, but that Day also rather presented an image rather than just herself. Back then immorality was rather differently defined which is what led to Oscar Levant’s comment:

My last picture for Warners was Romance on the High Seas. It was Doris Day’s first picture; that was before she became a virgin.

Day’s public persona being, of course, entirely squeaky clean. The wholesome girl next door who would never, ever, fool around. Which was pretty good going for a mother on her second marriage by the time of that first picture when she was 26.

Hey, whatever, this is showbiz, right? Authenticity’s the thing and if you can fake that….

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