Aren’t Facebook Naughty, The Very Devils They Are


There is a certain whining noise emanating from the right on at present. Facebook are being very naughty boys again. You see, people run apps which collect information. Tsk.

That appears to be what the complaint is as well. That an app which collects information collects information. Where will such nefarity end?

Facebook attacked over app that reveals period dates of its users

Umm, yes? Thought we were out and proud of these things these days.

Facebook is battling fresh controversy on both sides of the Atlantic amid claims that it has been receiving highly personal data from third-party apps.

Well, what is this then? We got an app that says it’s measuring Fortnite scores but in fact counts tampon applications?

Of more than 70 popular apps tested by the Journal, it found at least 11 sent potentially sensitive information to Facebook. These included the Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker, which reportedly shared with Facebook when users were having their periods or when they were trying to become pregnant.

Fancy that. App which tracks periods tracks periods.

When will this iniquity ever end?

Inquiring minds want to know whether Facebook is now selling that advertising opportunity to Mondelez…

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