The Lancet’s Desperate Barrel Scraping Over NHS And Brexit


The Lancet is part of the right on establishment we’ve got at present in the UK and as such is horrified that we mere villeins have decided we’d prefer not to be ruled from Brussels. As part of that establishment it is therefore willing to say just about anything as part of Project Fear. As with this – Brexit will be bad for the National Health service. We should just shut up and get on with being oppressed, we should, rather than disrupt that national religion.

The truth is though the Lancet is desperately scraping barrels in trying to find something that’s going to go wrong with the NHS as a result of Brexit. They’re complaining, for example, that workers’ rights in the NHS will only be covered by domestic legislation. That’s both wrong and worthy of the “Aww, Shame!” comment:

A Brexit deal is desperately needed to avoid the disastrous consequences for the NHS, a leading medical journal has warned. In a blistering editorial, the respected Lancet publication says any form of Brexit will negatively impact the NHS – but no-deal is to be avoided at all costs. Departing Europe will leave hospitals struggling to fill jobs and provide medicines, it says – and politicians are yet to come up with a solution. ‘For the NHS and health, almost any deal must be better than a no-deal,’ the Lancet says.

That editorial is here:

All forms of Brexit are bad for health, but some are worse than others.

Hmm, well. Here’s their chart of the iniquities that political freedom will visit upon Our Angels in Blue.

It’s really stretching to call all of these problems

To focus on just one of these upcoming disasters. “Employment rights for health workers”. If we have a “withdrawal agreement” then “legal framework continues”. Under a No-Deal Brexit we have “No protection other than in domestic law of existing rights”. Which, to me, sounds very like “legal framework continues” but then I don’t write editorials for the Establishment.

It’s possible for us to go further of course. Some – not all – employment rights don’t derive from the European Union anyway, but from the Council of Europe. Which are entirely unaffected as we’re not leaving the council. Nor the jurisdiction of their court, the European Court of Human Rights, ECHR.

Oh, yes, and all laws which do derive from the European Union have been translated into domestic law anyway, that’s what the Great Repeal Bill did.

So, changes in employment rights as a result of Brexit are going to be nothing, zip, nada. And yet this is a red line item in The Lancet’s whine about how Brexit will be terrible for the NHS?

So, there we are, they’re lying, just like all the other federasts. Roll on March 29, eh?

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Jonathan Harston
Jonathan Harston

But but but…. Brexit will result in the unavoidable collapse in the rule of law! We’ve only had it here for a millennia or so, it’s won’t survive without foreign overseers.

Isn’t this the argument that used to be used to justify ruling brown people in hot countries? Again, it’s the politics of Empire!