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Le Pen’s French Freedom Of Speech – Three Years Jail For Showing Pictures Of Isis Reality

It’s entirely possible that we’d like to shield children from some of the vicissitudes, viciousnesses, of the modern world. Even some of those outbreaks of the medieval world to which we’re currently subject. It’s also rather an over reaction to jail someone for three years for showing us photographs of those very things.

For, however distressing varied horrors from Isis are they’re still actually that reality out there. We’ll not be able to grasp what is happening without knowing of what is being done now, will we? At which point Marine Le Pen is being prosecuted for doing exactly that:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] French public prosecutors on Friday called for Marine Le Pen, the far-Right leader, to be tried for tweeting gruesome images of Isil killings, including the beheading of an American journalist. It is now up to an investigating judge to decide whether to proceed, but the prosecutors’ recommendation makes a trial more likely. It increases pressure on Ms Le Pen, who is also facing legal problems over her party’s alleged misuse of European Parliament funds. Ms Le Pen, a former MEP elected to the French parliament two years ago, posted three images in 2015, one of which showed the beheaded body of James Foley, an American journalist executed by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil). The others showed a Syrian soldier crushed to death under a tank and a Jordanian pilot burned to death in a cage. Prosecutors also recommended that Gilbert Collard, an MP from Ms Le Pen’s National Rally party, face trial on similar charges. The party was formerly called the National Front. Ms Le Pen was stripped of her parliamentary immunity and charged last year with “circulating violent pictures likely to be seen by children”. If she stands trial and is convicted, she would be liable to a maximum prison sentence of three years and a €75,000 (£64,000) fine. [/perfectpullquote]

As has been pointed out more than once in this modern world we’re all likely guilty of something or other. It’s just whether we fall out of favour and people decide to prosecute us for it or not that keeps us out of jail.

And what freedom of speech they’ve got over there in France, eh? Pictures of reality aren’t allowed…

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Dodgy Geezer
Dodgy Geezer
5 years ago

Porn is also reality, and, depending on the category, pictures of that are both banned in the UK and likely to be put under severe control quite shortly.

Which will result in most adult males moving over to foreign-hosted VPNs. Which will probably make them guilty of a crime. Which is where we came in…

5 years ago

Le Penn is the challenger to the French political status quo. Having failed to isolate her and her newly named Rassemblement National Party electorally by ganging up and organising tactical voting, the Establishment invented Plastic Macron and his use-once and discard, disposable Party.

But Marine’s electoral support has increased particularly in the Countryside, Plastic Macron is ready for the recycling bin, therefore other measures are needed to remove her as a threat.

Not really about freedom of speech, but the ruling class protecting their divine right to rule.

Mohave Greenie
Mohave Greenie
5 years ago

Since the minimum age for Twitter is 13, what children are seeing this anyway? And these are the same people wanting to lower the voting age to 16 and the age of consent to 14. Think of the children!

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