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If We Can’t Appropriate Your Culture, What’s The Point?

The benefits of immigration are many.

Firstly, there are the economic benefits of skilled migrants – the doctors and nurses and engineers and computer programmers from abroad are filling a skills gap in our society that we cannot plug ourselves.

We need more skills of these types than we can generate in our own people, so we need to buy them off the shelf and allow immigrants with those skills to come here to work.

But what about unskilled migrants?

Well, there are always an amount of jobs that native Brits would rather not do, like cleaning toilets, picking fruit, working in carwashes, and voting for Labour.

We need unskilled migrants to do that work.

But aside from these obvious economic benefits to our society, what are the other benefits?

Well, there are many.

In the 1970s, Indian, Pakistani and Chinese families emigrated to Britain and collectively they revolutionised our food. There is now hardly a high street in the land without a shop run by people of foreign origin, or an Indian or Chinese restaurant/takeaway.

Curry is now one of Britain’s most popular dishes.

Our music scene is now very diverse too, with musical influence from all over the globe brought here by immigrants.

All the aspects of foreign culture, good and bad, have been imported into our country over the last fifty years.

From Chicken Korma to female genital mutilation.

But now we are being told that this is “cultural appropriation”.

When we Brits try to incorporate the positive foreign influences into our own culture, we are “appropriating” them.

And this is racist, apparently.

But if we are to discontinue this process, the only consequences of immigration will be crime and workers – the mutilated female genitals, and the foreign-born doctors and nurses that fail to report them.

So we need to move to economic migrancy only, because all the other stuff is now not stuff we are allowed to use.

In fact, we need to ask all the jobless migrants to leave, as all the non-economic benefits they were bringing into the country are making us culturally-appropriating racists. Without all those benefits, they add no value to our society unless they have the skills we need.

And this is the Left telling us this.

The only argument for immigration is now an economic one.

Because jobless migrants are making us racist.

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Dodgy Geezer
Dodgy Geezer
5 years ago

I sometimes wonder what the woke lefties do in the evening after a hard days labour discussing Imperial Racism and Cultural Appropriation.

Do you think that one of them says “Right lads, that’s all for today – lets go out for a Pizza/Indian/Kebab…..”?

They would have great problems on any High Street finding an authentically English restaurant.

5 years ago

Immigrant groups normally wish to maintain their separate identity. To this end they wear different clothes, wear their hair differently, play different music eat different food. Sure it’s all based on what they think their ancestors did but the current purpose is to maintain group.identity. If the larger population adopts their practices that undermines the group identity, hence they think of an objection. It occurs to me that the best way of persuading Muslims in Britain to abandon the beard and the hijab would be to make them fashionable amongst non Muslims. The Muslims would then stop seeing them as… Read more »

Rhoda Klapp
Rhoda Klapp
5 years ago

When your doctor doesn’t understand ordinary vernacular.

When you revisit an old business contact and find the site is now a halal slaughterhouse, probably illegal, with people living there.

When the media don’t talk about race in such a conspicuous manner.

When you can’t discuss concerns such as these.

That is what is making us ‘racist’.

5 years ago

Republic of Immigrantland. A Country full of well educated people with wide ranging, valuable skills who for reasons unknown want to leave what must be a very rich Country and slum it in council houses on run down estates in Rotherham and elsewhere, cleaning lavies or picking fruit for a pittance. And what is the cost of these ‘benefits’ bestowed upon us by incomers from Immigrantland and what is the cost to the locals from the increased competition for scarce resources like accommodation, schooling, healthcare, jobs, etc? ‘In the 1970s, Indian, Pakistani and Chinese families emigrated to Britain and collectively… Read more »

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