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Jo Swinson Is About To Solve The LibDem Problem

The latest opinion polls put the LibDems as having the greatest theoretical vote if a general election were held today. They also put The Brexit Party as second – it would appear that the Brexit question itself is indeed the major political point in the voters’ minds. Which is fine, of course it is, democracy does indeed mean that they should get on with the stuff that we want them to.

That LibDems leading the pack does pose something of a problem for the Tories and Labour of course. A national four-way race is going to do horrors to traditional voting patterns.

Fortunately Jo Swinson has decided to solve this problem for everyone:

The Jo Swinson solution
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Jonathan Harston
Jonathan Harston
5 years ago

On my colour chart both of them are Orange Bookers, and I’m from the Yellow wing, so I have to look at their backers.

Swinson is backed by an Orange and an Unknown, Davey is backed by a Yellow and an Unknown, so my initial stance is Davey until I do more investigation.
However, on the news earlier today, *both* of them said “…between X and *I*”, so that loses both of them my vote right from the start.

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