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Those Euro Manifestos In A Nutshell

Brexit Party
For Gods Sake Just Leave – WTO will be fine for now

20% Brexit party
30% Remain that Looks Like Leave
10% Remain that Looks Like Leave but With a Referendum
30% Remain at all costs

1% Leave on WTO (Jezza)
24% Remain that Looks Like Leave
25% Remain that Looks Like Leave but With a Referendum
50% Remain at all costs

Bollocks to Brexit, democracy, and all the oiks that voted for it

Libdems with flowers on

Remain in the EU but Leave the UK

Change UK / The Independence Group / Something Else
No Change / No Independence / Not Much Else


For why you should vote for the Brexit party and No Deal see here.

* percentages are complete guesses to be honest.

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1 year ago

Your Conservative percentages only add up to 90, but otherwise all looks about right

Jonathan Harston
Jonathan Harston
1 year ago

That’s why I’ve classified the Euros as Hard Leave, Hard Remain, BRINO, and Standing In The Middle Looking Silly. My last check showed Hard Leave has a 12-point lead on Hard Remain, but without yet getting past 50%. Unless one of those two gets over 50%, both sides are going to fight to claim shares of the middle votes are really their votes in disguise.

Andrew Carey
Andrew Carey
1 year ago

I’m quite impressed with the Green manifesto – it’s just that you can’t trust them. They’ve utterly eviscerated the Common Agricultural Policy, and that’s the European Green group as a whole of which the Eng/Wal/Sco/Ni groups are a part. If their stance is taken at face value they will do everything they can to block the EU budget.
But people have said before that it can be reformed from within.

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