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How Excellent That Food Banks Are Solving Child Hunger

Sure, we can wonder how much the rise in the use of food banks is for blindingly obvious reasons – free things are desired by many of us for example. We could mull over whether that rise is simply because we’ve now discovered this new technology of the food bank. They didn’t exist pre-2000 in the UK and absolutely no one at all is going to try and claim that there were no people going hungry before then.

We could even be fools and blame Tory Austerity.

But instead, let us celebrate:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Food banks scramble to stop a million children going hungry over holidays
More families turn to food parcels to make up for loss of free school meals, extra childcare costs and benefit payment delays[/perfectpullquote]

Super, excellent and well done everybody. That’s that problem solved, what shall we concentrate upon next then?

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4 years ago

If food banks are indeed feeding a million kids, then it’s time to dismantle the welfare state, which is clearly superfluous. IF.

Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan
4 years ago

I’m sure the argument is that its degrading to be seen at a food bank (dignity argument). Of course, it’s not degrading to be on fake disability and all the other benefits at the same time.

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