Pneumonia Is A Disease Of Poverty, Is It – Our New Renewables Victims

An interesting statement made here:

Kevin Watkins, the Save the Children chief executive, said: “I would describe pneumonia as the ultimate disease of poverty, both in the UK and globally.”

OK, fair enough. I did think that it was largely a disease of old age but then what do I know?

So, we’ve a rise in this disease of poverty:

Emergency hospital admissions for children with pneumonia have risen by more than 50% in England over the past decade, figures suggest, with admission rates highest in more deprived areas.

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Should Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge, Be Looking Over Her Shoulder?

Yvonne Roberts gives us the latest proof that the government is not your friend. For, again, we see that the biggest cause of having an entirely screwed up childhood is having one controlled by said government:

In his book The Disappearance of Childhood, the American writer and educator Neil Postman wrote: ‘‘Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” Last week, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) published its damning investigation into children in care in Nottinghamshire.

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How Excellent That Food Banks Are Solving Child Hunger

Sure, we can wonder how much the rise in the use of food banks is for blindingly obvious reasons – free things are desired by many of us for example. We could mull over whether that rise is simply because we’ve now discovered this new technology of the food bank. They didn’t exist pre-2000 in the UK and absolutely no one at all is going to try and claim that there were no people going hungry before then.…

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Lies Again About Child Destitution And Poverty In Britain

The Guardian tells us that destitution is on the rise in the UK. This is not so – there is no one in the country, absent significant mental health or addiction issues, who is destitute. This sort of absolute poverty is a problem that we’ve solved. We solved it back by the late 1950s, just as Barbara Castle said we did.

But, you know, how exciting would it be if capitalism didn’t need to be overthrown because it sentences children to destitution?…

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Israel Folau’s Speech – Sermon Perhaps – On The Evils Of Child Transgenderism

Israel Folau isn’t backing down from his views on gay marriage, child transgenderism and all that. Which is fine – of course it’s fine. He is indeed allowed his views and also to speak them – that’s what a liberal society means. Being liberal doesn’t mean we’ve got to agree with him. Nor praise him for his views, support them, approve of them. But we do have to tolerate him, his views and his right to express them.…

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Modern Slavery Act – 4 Years Old, Investigations Are Rising

Isn’t this just one of the great surprises of our time?

Record numbers of children exploited as ‘modern slaves’ by criminal gangs, say police

I thought Tommy Robinson was covering the trials where we were banging that sort up?

Record numbers of children have been identified by police as “modern slaves” exploited by criminal gangs for drug running, theft and sex, a report reveals today. The number of “live” police investigations under the modern slavery act where children are involved has risen from 53 in 2017 to 475 this year, according to the co-ordinating Government-funded police unit.

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Uganda’s Mariam Nabatanzi – One Woman, 38 Surviving Children

This is going to be close to some sort of global record, one Ugandan woman, Mariam Nabatanzi, has 38 surviving children. She’s not aided by the fact that her husband recently abandoned her and the children. To give an example of what it means to be in a household that size the daily ration is 25 kg of maize flour.

Ah, to explain. In much of sub-Saharan Africa the basic meal, the foundational stodge, is mealie meal.…

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How Did People Have Children Before The Welfare State?

A fairly silly thing being said here by Philip Inman:

Not enough babies? Not enough state support for families
Phillip Inman

That really is a silly thing to say:

When governments withdraw from child-friendly policies, their citizens are, unsurprisingly, more reluctant to procreate

Social support – the welfare state that is – has rather increased over the past century or so. Family size has decreased over the past century or so. Reality seems to disagree with Mr Inman but then with Mr.…

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This Is Winning – Fertility Doctor Uses Own Sperm To Father 49 Children

We don’t recommend that people do this and it’s obviously not all that great for everyone involved, but this story of the fertility doctor who used his own sperm to father 49 children is also known as winning.

Winning at the main object of the game of life that is. Which is to have descendants:

A Dutch fertility doctor used his own sperm to illegally father 49 children, DNA tests have shown. Jan Karbaat, who died two years ago, impregnated the women at a clinic near Rotterdam.

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This Is Where The Gender Pay Gap Comes From – Motherhood

It’s the disruptions of motherhood which create the gender pay gap. So, just what does motherhood do to lifetime working patterns? From The Conversation:

Data show how American mothers balance work and family

Almost 70% of American mothers with children under 18 work for pay.

But motherhood remains disruptive for many women’s work lives. American women earn almost 20% less per hour than their male peers, in part because women disproportionately take responsibility for raising children.…

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