There’s Stupidity, Politics, Then Dashcam Recording Your Own Drug Deals


Sadly this is the wrong sort of Celt to make this a story truly supportive of English prejudices but there’s stupidity, politics, then recording your own drug deals on your own dashcam. Which is exactly what did happen here:

Man jailed after his own dashcam filmed him dealing drugs
Camera in car contained two hours’ footage of Scott Curtis’s transactions

It had to be a Celt of course, this is why it’s still legal to hunt them with a bow after dark in Chester*:

On Friday 19 July, Merthyr Tydfil crown court was told police caught Curtis throwing small bags of cocaine and heroin out of his car window after they pulled him over in September last year. Officers found cannabis plants at his home during a search before they came across his car’s dashcam, which contained two hours of footage showing some of his latest drug deals.

In one scene he is seen polishing his car before answering his phone and being heard saying: “I don’t do Valium, gear I do,” and agrees the price “three for 25”. The drug deal is then recorded in full view of the camera.

Don’t forget, this man is from a culture that believes seaweed is a useful ingredient in bread. A people who lapelpin alliums as a sign of national pride. The nation  who voted for Neil Kinnock. That is, this might well be one of the bright ones.

*It is possible, sadly, that this is no longer true.

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Leo Savantt

Sailing close to the wind of hate crime is to be lauded.