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Lib Dems Living In The Past(?)

Im not exactly the technical wizard but a quick analysis of the Lib Dem homepage shows they are still using keywords for their SEO. For those not technically minded Google no longer uses keywords as a search ranking factor since 2009.

More interestingly even if they still believe that keywords do help ranking, they have helpfully included Tim Farron, Nick Clegg and even Vince Cable before their own almighty, Jo Swinson.

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Bloke on M4
Bloke on M4
1 year ago

Not really. This is called Dublin Core.

It doesn’t improve rankings, but it can inform search engines and various tools that automatically read the site about what the document is about.

Most content management systems record some of this stuff, and just automatically generate the dc tags.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bloke on M4

Dublin Core is for librarians, it supposes web pages are just like other documents that can be filled and classified in ways that only proper trained professional Librarians can understand. Search engines ignore this stuff because when content is self-described the description can be gamed.

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