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If They Had Ground Their Bones To Dust…

How tall a skyscraper could socialists have built from their victims, as a monument to socialism?

Some quick maths.

The average human skeleton weighs about 10kg  and as a standard building brick weighs about 2kg that means that we’ll get five bricks out of each human skeleton.

If we assume that they won’t worry about mortar and water and will just stack them so that the construction process is insanely dangerous and results in lots of ruined lives and deaths (like socialism itself) and the finished building is guaranteed to collapse killing anyone within range (again, like socialism) then we just need to work out how many bricks they have and then how big a stack it will make.

When we examine how many people communism has killed so far (not counting the eventual death tolls we’ll see from modern China and North Korea of course) we get a nice round figure so far of about 100 million.

I make that 500 million bricks.

How big a skyscraper can they make with that?

Well, if they model it quite simply along the lines of a One World Trade Centre (a building that had 325,000m2 of floor space for its 541m of height) they’ll get exactly 600m2 per floor.

That’s handy.

Using a brick calculator we can see that for each layer of their stack they will need 45,000 bricks.

With 500m bricks to play with, they get 11,111 layers.

With each brick 4 inches high, that gives them 44,444 inches of brickwork.

1122 m.

It’s over twice the height of WTC1.

So there we have it – if instead of dumping into pits the bodies of those they murdered, the leaders of the various failed socialist experiments of just the last century had ground their bones into dust and made bricks from their skeletal remains, they could have erected a very impressive and apropos monument to their ideology.

Surely its creation would have done us all a great service – perhaps only a reminder of this nature will prevent each new generation from falling prey to this deadly delusion.

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4 years ago

I’ve always said Socialism is responsible for a mountain of skulls a mile high, looks like I wasn’t far wrong.

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