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Owen Jones – We’re Losing So Up The Electoral Bribes!

We might in fact blame the headline writer here rather than Jones himself:

Labour must turbocharge its offer to young people. Britain’s fate depends on it
Owen Jones

Labour isn’t registering as being about to win just a the moment so more things must be promised to voters – that magic money tree shaken again – in order to bribe them into voting for Grandpa Death. A reasonable and fair translation of the headline.

Jones himself:

Labour’s fate – and with it that of the country –

No, the fate of the country doesn’t depend on who gets to rook our wallets for the next few years. Let’s be honest about this, it’ll be a marginal change one way or the other whoever wins. Government share of GDP will be in the 35 to 45% range whoever wins. Possibly 2 or 3% of UK business might become government owned, possibly not.

Who wins is interesting, sure. But it’s only the fates of those actually in politics at stake here.

Yes, I know, unfashionable view but as Smith pointed out, there’s a lot of ruin in a nation…..

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