Is Owen Jones Actually Stupid Or Just Pretending On The Internet?

Owen Jones wants to tell us that Labour’s grand promise to nationalise broadband provision is a great idea, up there with the glories of past election victories. There being just the very slight problem with this, he’s talking about the promises people make before an election, not what they actually provide after one:

“Let us face the future”: this is how Labour’s 1945 manifesto rallied voters in the aftermath of cataclysmic war. There would be “no depressed areas in the New Britain”, it boldly declared, while the nation required “a tremendous overhaul, a great programme of modernisation and re-equipment of its homes, its factories and machinery, its schools, its social services”.

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Owen Jones Doesn’t Understand Steve Jobs And The iPhone

Owen Jones insists that billionaires simply shouldn’t exist. Because for everyone that does millions have been deprived of the value they create.

Dan Riffle, senior adviser to Ocasio-Cortez, says every billionaire is a policy failure. He’s right. A billionaire is someone who has concentrated wealth that is collectively created by the hard work and graft of others. A significant portion have inherited their wealth. But even the majority who haven’t are not “self-made” by any accurate use of that term.

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So How Does Owen Jones Know Who Attacked Him Those Far Right Activists?

Apparently it was far right activists who attacked Owen Jones. Based upon the evidence that, well, stands to reason, dunnit?

And that, sadly, is all the evidence we do have about who did attack him. Just the logical chain that certain pinheads have threatened him, he has been attacked, therefore the far right pinheads must have attacked him.

We should hope for a slightly better evidence base than this:

The six of them left the pub at about 02:00 BST on Saturday.

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Note To Owen Jones – They’ve Got To Commit A Crime Before We Lock Up Bankers

Owen Jones wants us all to know that the British justice system is horrendously biased. The rich get away with it while the poor are oppressed. One part of his evidence being that no one’s gone to jail for causing the Crash. The problem with this as a piece of evidence is the manner in which we – no doubt in some horrendously neoliberal fashion – insist upon conviction for an actual crime before jailing someone.…

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Owen Jones Discovers Something Surprising About Human Sexuality

That the man is well into his 30s before he works this out is a bit of a surprise but there we go, no one’s been accusing Owen Jones of maturity these years. He has just uncovered something about human sexuality:

….and men associate feminine behaviour by men with being gay.

Quite remarkable. Anyone who’s ever been around the nightclub scene of a major city will be shocked, shocked, to find such behaviour going on.…

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Owen Jones’ Trenchant Statement Upon Antisemitism In The Labour Party

It’s about time and excellent, of course, to see Owen Jones taking on that disgusting failure of civilised behaviour which is the entrenched antisemitism in the Labour Party:

What Labour members think matters. Their party will be in government. They select parliamentary candidates who go on to vote on legislation and become ministers, and they exert pressure on them through local Labour associations. Jezza will be the nation’s next prime minister but one. So when evidence of racism is uncovered among their ranks, it should be regarded as a national scandal.

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Owen Jones On The Misogyny Of Mark Field – Yes, But When Did We Know?

Owen Jones tells us that Mark Field is simply the misogyny of society writ small upon the stage:

But this whole incident is a chilling reminder of the intersection of misogyny, Trumpian contempt for dissent and class privilege that blights our society, and which has been exacerbated by a Tory government increasingly under the spell of rightwing populism.

Could be I suppose.

Now, at which point did we know this was some random bint whining about climate change, not some random bint with a knife who wished to do physical harm?…

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Owen Jones Misses What’s Changed For Chuka Umunna – Owen Jones And Friends

Clearly and obviously Owen Jones is going to hate Chuka Umunna. This is just how it works on the left, the real, pure and distilled hatred is reserved for those infinitesimally to the right but still upon the left. For those are the people delaying the arrival of true socialism by misleading the righteous desires of the proletariat. Left-centrists are unpardonable in believing that the system can be managed into righteous change when all righteous know that it must be overthrown in Revolution!…

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Owen Jones – Numbers Mean Anything I Say They Do

Owen Jones wants us all to know that Britain is suffering nuder a wave of homophobia. That one of the nation’s leading columnists is about to have the ink triangle sewn on and off the camps he goes. That this is a less than true portrayal of reality is obvious enough. But Owen gives us the numbers:

We live in a society in which one in five LGBTQ people report suffering a hate crime in the past year.

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Owen Jones Is Worried About Boris Johnson, Isn’t He?

If you write grand columns about who might be leader of a political party you don’t and never will belong to – Owen’s not clever enough to mature out of socialism into conservatism – then you’ve obviously got something of a problem with that person who you’re expending all the effort to complain about. As with Owen Jones here and Boris Johnson.

We could suggest that Owen’s just frightened for the country given what Boris might do to it but who would ever suspect Jones of something boringly norm like that?…

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