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The Terrors Of LGB Fund Raising

Trans rights, sure, why not?

As well all know there’s a hissy fit going on over in the world of non-cis, non-hetero, campaigning groups. Some who aren’t all that keen on the addition of trans to the alphabet soup have moved off away from Stonewall which is in favour of such.

Hey, we’re all liberals around here, spend your money and time as you wish. It’s just that for some that’s not how it does work:

But when a couple of people in the UK start a group designed to destabilise Stonewall, the trans-inclusive LGBT+ charity named after the Stonewall riots that were in part started by trans people, it’s a different story.

Why would straight people from the US and Canada be so passionate about destabilising the UK’s main LGBT+ charity?

If only there were some kind of explanation.

Anyway. £25K and counting. That’s a lot of money. Where’s it going? It isn’t a charity yet so it doesn’t need to tell you.

Here’s where it isn’t going. It isn’t going to help homeless LGB people, who – including trans kids – account for 24% of the UK’s under-25 homeless population. It isn’t going to lobby for proper funding of live-saving PReP medication for gay and bi men (and some trans women). It isn’t going anywhere near any cash-strapped LGBT organisations at all. It’s going on marketing, and on salaries, and on a launch event that will no doubt scaremonger about trans people.

Terrors, individuals interacting as individuals want to. But of course it’s only all being spent on salaries ‘n’stuff, nothing is really being spent upon real action. See:


Hmm? Ah, yes, oopsie there. That’s from Stonewall’s accounts, isn’t it? £8 and something million income, one and something million fundraising costs, couple of million on rents (!?!) and staff salaries.

How terrible it is that money being given to campaigners on LGB and maybe T issues aren’t spent on anything other than marketing and salaries. Truly, terrible.

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4 years ago

The cracks in this impossible intersectionality alliance appeared years ago, when women actually wanting more power for women clashed with men pretending to be women and seeking unearned benefit, as though it were merely a female track meet.

Michael van der Riet
Michael van der Riet
4 years ago

Oh the Rocky Horror. After a brief reign at the top of the victim tree, LGBs now find themselves outcasts. Something was lost in translation.

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