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Why Wouldn’t We See Overdiagnosis Of Child Gender Dysphoria?

Trans rights, sure, why not?

The question isn’t in fact whether we do see overdiagnosis of child gender dysphoria but instead, well, why wouldn’t we?

A transgender clinic has been hit by 35 resignations in three years, as psychologists warn of “overdiagnoses” of gender dysphoria among children.

The whistleblowers said too many children were being put on puberty-blocking drugs when they should not have been given the diagnosis.

Former staff said they were unable to properly assess patients over fears they will be branded “transphobic”.

The concerns were raised by six psychologists who have resigned from London’s children’s gender-identity service in the past three years.

Here we have the new and fashionable explanation for everything. New and fashionable explanations for everything always, but always, overreach. Even such things as the obvious truth of Darwinism become that overreach of eugenics and social Darwinism.

And thus does an entirely true and valid approach to a very small number of varied intersex people become an insistence that the girl who likes playing with the fire truck toys should be stuck under the knife.

The thing being that absolutely every whim and passing fancy that human society is subject to does go too far, we know this. Why wouldn’t it be true here?

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4 years ago

You are right. Of course this leads me to an absolute aversion to any change because I know they’ll go too far.

Am I going too far?

Andrew Carey
Andrew Carey
4 years ago

Brilliant by Tom. ‘ fashionable explanations for everything always overreach.’

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