The Hubba Hubba Problem At CES


There’s a mild amusement to be had observing the hubba hubba problem at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Traditionally the show has had scantily clad ladies – possibly a fairly wide and loose use of that description – tottering around because that’s the sort of thing that interests much male sexuality.

This is bad.

The world’s biggest tech show has, historically, had a sex problem. CES, held annually in Las Vegas, has been criticised for years for an imbalance in male and female speakers, sleazy exhibits and scantily dressed female performers.

Curiously, it has also been reluctant to allow sexual technology, most often that created by and for women, to exhibit at the show.

This year, that has changed, a decision pushed largely by one particular female entrepreneur. Last year Lora DiCarlo, a sex toy company specialising in “blended orgasms” for women, was given an award which was then rescinded by organisers who called it “profane,” “immoral,” and “obscene”.

This year we’re all expected to cheer because those things which appeal to female sexuality – OK, a certain form of it perhaps – are celebrated.

Sorta a prepuce good, foreskin bad attitude.

Just one of those oddities really.

Not an unusual oddity either. Men playing with themselves is somewhere between laughable and disgusting, so too with any aids they might use. Women self-pleasuring is an affirmation of their strength or summat with awards given for any mechanical addition to the process.

We always have viewed male and female sexuality differently it’s just that we seem to have ended up in a slightly strange place with the current differentiation between them.

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