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At Last! Some British Conservatism!

Given that the actual government is conservative in name only – we elected the Tories to institute mansions taxes, pensions fund raids and toy train sets, did we? – isn’t it just great to see some true conservatism somewhere?

Does a commoner marrying into the Royal family always spell trouble?

The Telegraph comes down on the side of yes, of course it damn well does. The point they make being that the Royals is different from you and me and therefore should only bonk in their own exalted circles. Which, whether actually true or not, is nicely conservative as a point to make.

Which is nice, eh? We actually do have some conservatism left in the country. The pity being that it’s about something so trivially unimportant – to say nothing of being untrue – while the conservatism we’d actually like, a government that doesn’t micturate the wealth of the nation up against the vertical bit of the habitation structure isn’t even something mentioned in polite society, let alone done.

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4 years ago

Many years ago, a member of the Royal family (I don’t remember who, probably Chuckie) was making headlines for some unseemly behavior. Amidst the tut tutting over this someone argued that we shouldn’t expect them to behave any differently than the rest of us, they’re just people too. To which the response was “if they’re no different than everyone else, what’s the point of their existence”?

4 years ago

The Royal Family is a long-term pure-blood breeding programme, and that’s how it should remain.

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