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What Did Happen To That Cultural Appropriation Thing About Actors?

I seem to recall that cis folk are not allowed to play trans characters now. And that het definitively is not allowed to play gay – or queer or whatever is the code word now. I’m entirely certain that people are not allowed to play out of their genetic backgrounds either. No white appropriating a black part and I think I’ve seen this about Amerinds and others too.

Well, OK. Are we allowed to ask for consistency though?

Lu is the chemist from China, Misha Popov (Mark Ivanir) from Russia, Kwesi Weisberg-Abban (Ato Essandoh) from England, Ram Arya (Ray Panthaki) from India, and Emma Green (Hilary Swank) from the USA.

Wu is Chinese, OK. Mark Ivanir is Ukrainian Jewish which doesn’t translate over into being a Russian all that well. Essandoh is American – playing an Englishman? Panthaki is English and playing an Indian – from India that is. Swank is indeed American.

Now, the rational reaction here is that we’re playing dress up and let’s take the people with the talent to do that, shall we? But that’s not we do get. Instead there are some classes that are not transferable across said talent while, apparently, others that are.

That is, hypocrisy. So, why, and which classes are which?

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3 years ago

Trying to make sense of this will go as poorly as trying to devise a working hierarchy of leftie affectations: Does pandering to gays override pandering to Muslims during stonings of gays?

3 years ago

Somehow I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for Hollywood. Isn’t this whole business of actors portraying something they ain’t one of the great problems of our time? Shouldn’t we be insisting that cops be played by cops, criminals by criminals, doctors by doctors, politicians by criminals, cowboys by cowboys, etc?

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