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More Free Goodies For CT Readers!

More Free Goodies For Isolation.

Today we have released our second digital package to keep our readers busy during lockdown. We have new offerings including paid-for publications from the IEA, ASI and other institutions as well as free copies of my own books “FactChecking Pollyanna” and “23 Things We ARE Telling You About Capitalism”. We hope you enjoy. You can still access package one featuring popular titles from Kristian Niemietz and others by clicking HERE 

– Tim & The Team (please help by sharing this on Twitter)

Access the new package HERE

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Quentin Vole
Quentin Vole
11 months ago

Thanks – there’s some good stuff in there that I really ought to have read …

OTOH Sam Leith, literary editor of The Spectator writes in The Times (behind paywall) that we should (re)read the entire Jack Reacher canon. Decisions, decisions …

11 months ago

Just for fun, did you ask Kelton, Murphy or the Mazzucato, if they would make a contribution to our lock-down blues. I know it’s quite a sacrifice because researching and writing bull-shit that people will pay for is really hard and time consuming, and all the right wingers are being paid to write what they are told to think by big Capital so don’t mind giving away their opinions for free. Or something. But it would be amusing to ask them.

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