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Biden’s Revealing Truth – You Ain’t Black If You Don’t Vote Democrat

Not that Joe Biden put it quite and exactly like that but the effects of age are clearly leading to him revealing some home truths about the American political system. It also rather neatly explains why the inner city school systems are so atrociously horrible despite their significant financing.

What Biden did in fact say was:

Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden is in damage limitation mode after saying African Americans “ain’t black” if they even consider voting for President Donald Trump over him.

Gaffe-prone Mr Biden made the remark in an interview on Friday with a prominent black radio host, Charlamagne Tha God, about his outreach to black voters.

The revealing part here is not about how the black vote goes overwhelmingly Democrat. An oddity in itself, given that it was the Democrats who ran the South, the Democrats who came up with, instituted and then defended Jim Crow. Quite probably the most racist institution in American history has been the Democratic Party. But then politics can be like that, peoples’ parties rarely are, declared liberal ones aren’t.

The revealing part of it is how that D affiliation of extra melanin is so assumed, assumed as to be as of right. Which is why that black voting bloc never does manage to gain anything very much from the D party. Simply because you don’t have to bribe people you know are already going to vote for you. You do have to reach out to, offer something to, those who may or may not do so.

This bloc voting also explains why the governance – and thus the school systems – of the inner cities is so terrible. Given the preponderance of the racial voting bloc in so many of those cities then the electoral result is not in doubt. And one party states always do degenerate into systems that reward he party members, not the populace. This is just what happens with humans. Thus the school systems are run for the benefit of those running the school system and not the students in them.

This all being a situation that will only change if as and when blacks stop voting as a racial bloc. If even only 25% of those in the inner city could bring themselves to vote Republican, even occasionally, they’d find themselves much better served by whichever politicians actually get elected. Competition does have that restorative effect upon service after all.

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4 years ago

agreed. We see it here in Oz where some areas are proud of always voting for some bunch of out of towners who have done SFA over decades for the locals. That neighbouring electoral districts get much more attention and funding never registers. Collectively, humans really are generally stupid

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