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Philip Morris Are Just Such Terrors To Release An Entirely Legal Product

Philip Morris is in the business of selling stuff that people willingly buy. Sure, those things are based upon the demon tobacco but then if that’s what the peeps want then that’s what the peeps should get. This being the point of our having a society, and economy, at all, that we the peeps gain more of what we desire.

So, the European Union, in one of the more glaringly bad decisions of recent decades, decides that menthol cigarettes are banned. Quite why, other than that they could, has never been explained. But, they’ve done it, 450 million people are now entirely unallowed to suck on a minty tobacco thing. Because.

At which point:

The tobacco giant Philip Morris has taken advantage of the UK’s ban on menthol cigarettes by promoting its new product – a menthol-heated tobacco stick.

An investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) has revealed that in the run up to the ban the company hired sales reps to promote its new tobacco gadget.

The sales team went directly to newsagents – one of the only legal ways companies can advertise in the UK, where almost all tobacco advertising is banned.

It also offered promotional menthol kits and trials for new customers, with half-price tobacco sticks in any of its four menthol flavours.

This revelation comes in the wake of findings published by the Telegraph last week suggesting that tobacco companies were driving sales of menthol cigarettes and sought to develop new menthol products and retain them on the market in the lead up to the ban….

It’s not a UK ban, it’s an EU one. And look at what the actual complaint is. Philip Morris is obeying the law entirely, to the jot and tittle. It is not attempting to sell the now illegal menthol cigarettes. Instead it is attempting to sate a human desire through the release of an entirely, wholly and 100%, legal product.

This then causing outrage among the idiots at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Who apparently are unaware of the aim of businesses, which is to produce things that people would like sufficiently to part with money in exchange for them.

Perhaps the Bureau would like to take up a little investigation – into the subject of economics?

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3 years ago

Since I loathe the smell of tobacco smoke, I selfishly approve of bans on burning the stuff where it might bother me.

But apart from this, if people want a puff, good luck to them. It might shorten their lives, (an uncle of mine died of emphysema), but life is 100% fatal anyway. If people prefer a short and merry one instead of a long and boring existence, that’s their business.

3 years ago

What’s somewhat interesting is that perhaps two generations ago about three fourths of the population smoked. Now it’s less than a quarter. Perhaps only a fifth. But those last holdouts drive the regulators nuts and they start to demand even more extreme measures to convince the holdouts, who appear to enjoy being unconvicable and driving regulators nuts.

Leo Savantt
Leo Savantt
3 years ago

In the USA tobacco, possibly quite rightly but now even vaping, possibly far less sensibly, are demonised. This is especially so in states where marijuana is almost literally being encouraged by the executive.

In Amsterdam there is the odd spectacle of cigarette smokers huddled outside coffee shops in the cold puffing away, whilst on the other side of the glass joints are being smoked in the warmth.

We live in the strangest of worlds.

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