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COVID in the UK: New Regulations Amid Restricted Services

According to the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the country has truly reached a turning point but a perilous one. The Prime Minister was heard to be quoted as such while setting out a checklist of new restriction against the corona-virus that can potentially last up to six months in England.

According to the new regulations and restrictions, every shop staff member is required to wear a face mask all over the country. Also, weddings are limited to only 15 people as per the new restrictions. Moreover, a fine of £200 for a first offence will be charged to any person violating the regulations on gatherings and not wearing the face masks. Prime Minister Johnson also added that more restrictions of greater significance will be applied if deemed necessary.

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The PM also added that many ‘similar’ restrictions will be applied all over the UK after his meet with the leaders of the Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This is more likely to happen as the Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon seems to have taken somewhat similar measures herself. A country wide 22:00 curfew for hospitality businesses was announced by Ms. Sturgeon. Not only that, the Welsh government also has undertaken similar measures of curfew.

As the UK counts on COVID+ cases amounted to 4,926 on the latest count with deaths increasing by 37 counts, the Scottish First Ministers extravagant steps on restricting household indoor visits doesn’t seem extravagant anymore.

These restrictions from the British Prime Minister seem to be in accord with the opinions of the country’s chief medical officers. Their belief is that the virus transmission is rising exponentially; or in other words quite high than normal. This seems to have pushed the COVID alert from level 3 to 4. As if to make things truly befitting a Hollywood horror story the state’s chief medical and scientific advisors warned the government that the count in the current COVID+ cases in the UK can exponentially rise to about 50,000 by mid-October.

It was being speculated for some time that a second wave of the virus would soon hit the British people after the first retreated and now with the Prime Ministers speech at the House of Commons the speculations became terrifyingly correct. Earlier this September the British presses and administration reported an exceptional rise in the R-Number to more than 1. The R-Number defines or explains how fast the virus is spreading among us.

Even though the restrictions have been rigidly put into effect the UK government also wants to cause minimum effect on the livelihood of its citizens. This seems to have caused a careful judgement of the regulations put into effect. This is apparent in the fact that the PM did announce that businesses, schools, colleges and universities will remain open but regulations regarding gatherings and wearing face masks will be maintained strictly with fines being imposed on those who will break the laws.

However, the government is urging many office workers to continue working from homes. Also all pubs, restaurants and bars will remain open but table services will be restricted. This means only takeaway services will be available to the public.