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You will not move. Confirm command.

It’s so lovely to have admitted liars return the freedoms they stole from us.

But wait………all is not well.

The pressure is on us to behave as if those freedoms had NOT been returned.

After all, it’s hard to get a medical tyranny to stick without the collusion of the people – those with COVID PTSD must be made your stormtroopers as you go for broke and try to change society for ever.

And how many of us want to be seen as renegades?

As Will Smith’s Detective Spooner realised in the film loosely-based on Asimov’s classic “I, Robot” if you have on your hands an indistinguishable renegade that may only materially differ from the herd in its behaviour, you must engineer a situation in which it will reveal itself by responding atypically to events.

We are now at the point where refusing to wear a mask is publicly and openly announcing your……independence.

For those that desire our compliance, and their dupes, such refusal now marks you out as potentially dangerous. A threat. Someone to be marked, isolated, demonised.


Of course those who don’t wear masks or want vaccines may be pregnant, or planning to become so. They may have medical conditions that they believe may tolerate the vaccination unpredictably. They may be on medication that might be causing uncertainty about whether the vaccine is safe for them to take. They may be concerned at how rapidly these vaccines have been rushed into production. They may be waiting to see which vaccine affords them the best protection, or the most travel options. Or they may mistrust a government-produced vaccine that is being recommended with such unseemly enthusiasm, that also seems keen to marry the vaccines with authoritarian measures that suspend their civil liberties. Certainly black people who have been told our institutions are systemically-racist seem particularly reluctant to volunteer to be injected by them.

And we might argue they are right to feel that way – quite aside from any racism, our government have routinely lied to us about the reason for lockdowns, the efficacy of masks, the reliability of tests, the need for social distancing. And their suppression of dissent grows more visible and disturbing with each passing week.

No matter.

In response to a pandemic of questionable origins and exaggerated impact, we are being herded into vaccine certification programs – societal changes that they would have struggled to implement otherwise.

And let’s not pretend a desire did not previously exist – Theresa May attempted to pass digital identification cards into law at least twice during her time at the Home Office.

So we know digital ID cards were wanted by the government, who tried to implement them but were foiled by the public’s resentment. They had already tried to build a surveillance state.

And now the public’s view has been utterly transformed. Indeed digital ID cards now seem to be on the menu across the developed world, all at the same time. All the governments in the G20 are deciding independently that vaccine certification programs are the way to go.

Consent for them is being…………..manufactured.

Built Back Better, you might say.


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2 years ago

That’s quite some paranoia you’ve got there – very useful for showing that opposition to government policy is led by crackpots.

Perry de Havilland
2 years ago
Reply to  Charles

So you are saying Theresa May didn’t do what Alex suggested?

2 years ago

Not at all. I’m saying that the article contains obvious paranoia. What is this “government-produced vaccine”? CanSino or Sinopharm from China? Sputnik V or CoviVac from Russia? It can’t be one approved in the UK as they are all developed privately. Anyone who “may be waiting to see which vaccine affords them the best protection” is a prize idiot as a vaccine you have not yet received gives you no protection at all. Much better to have at least something as you can always have another. But the most spectacular piece of paranoia is the implication that there’s a vast… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Charles

Zahawi also echoed comments by prime minister Boris Johnson on Monday (15 February), saying the government was “not looking at the domestic use of vaccine passports”.
But not them: “Covid passports not expected to apply to MPs in the Commons”, Speaker announces.
I believe the polite term best describing your comment is ‘cognitive dissonance’.

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