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Review: Introducing Curve: 1-3% Cashback + All In One Account.

I’ve been using curve for a while now, it basically combines all your cards into a single debit card. You can switch which card its connected to via the App. You also get between 1-3% cashback on certain retailers. Mine is connected to my Amex Rewards which means i get 1.5% from Amex then another 1-3% from Curve. Win-Win. Their curve metal insurance policy actually saved my bacon when i got mugged in Gran Canaria last year. 

Oh, you also get free use of airport lounges too. 

Heres the product shpeel:

Curve combines your debit and credits cards into one single card and one smart app, instantly boosting them with all our features. Adding your cards to Curve doesn’t mean giving up any of your existing bank’s benefits. It just means you get their features as well as ours, all in one place. All the rewards, none of the hassle.

Curve is the only card you need to carry and the only pin you need to remember. In fact, if you add Curve to your phone’s digital wallet, you never need to carry a single card again.

Get 1-3% cashback from your choice of 100+ retailers (3% if you signup to Metal), from global brands like Apple, ASOS, and IKEA to major supermarkets and everyday go-tos like Uber and Amazon. Your cashback will go straight into a Curve Cash card on the app, which you can spend right away.

Already get similar cashback rewards with one of your other cards? Amazing! Now you’ll get 1% on top when you pay with that card through Curve.”