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Probably Lost His Virginity to a Canadian Girl

From our Swindon Correspondent:

… and then lost her number, so you can’t call her.

Donald Trump’s Twitter account was hacked last week, after a Dutch researcher correctly guessed the president’s password: “maga2020!”, Dutch media reported.
Twitter, however, denied the report. “We’ve seen no evidence to corroborate this claim, including from the article published in the Netherlands today. We proactively implemented account security measures for a designated group of high-profile, election-related Twitter accounts in the United States, including federal branches of government,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement.
Very much on balance here, I’m going with Twitter’s version of events. This seems like a sensible thing to set up and they undoubtedly log events on accounts (not passwords used, but just that a login failure happened). They might even be using some sort of cookie or IP address range to determine logins from new devices.

A day after he gained access, Gevers noticed that two-step verification had been activated on Trump’s account. Two days later, the Secret Service got in touch. According to De Volkskrant, they thanked him for bringing the security problem to their attention.

And there’s no email, no phone transcript of that? And If you could login to Trump’s twitter, wouldn’t you screen capture that?
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3 years ago

So Mynheer Gevers didn’t post anything on Trump’s Twitter account?!?
If I had obtained access to Trump’s (or Macron’s or Corbyn’s) Twitter account I should have posted something like a proof that the Earth is flat or 2×2=5 or …

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