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When Mazie Hirono Met Inigo Montoya

Pissing the money away By Pbrundel – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

From our correspondent Esteban, as always:

In The Princess Bride Inigo Montoya’s second most famous line is: “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”.

Mazie Hirono is a Senator from Hawaii. While questioning Amy Coney Barrett pursuant to her impending appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, Mazie took the Notorious ACB to task for prior usage of the term “sexual preference”. According to Mazie this is problematic, some people find this term offensive and the appropriate term is “sexual orientation”. Something to do with “preference” implying that one’s sexual proclivity is a choice as opposed to ingrained.

Well, there are a few curious things about Mazie’s claim. The first is the suggestion that “preference” implies choice. It does not. If you prefer chocolate to vanilla that isn’t a choice. If you prefer sex with men over sex with women that isn’t a choice either. I won’t bother quoting them here, but there is nothing in the definitions of the two words that makes sense of this BS. In fact, if anything, orientation would be more easily construed as a matter of choice. I can literally choose my orientation in most circumstances (facing North right now, wait a second, now South). So, curious thing number one is that this is an unusually stupid word fight for the Left to pick.

The next thing that struck me is that according to Mazie “some people” find it offensive, therefore it is off limits and if you don’t follow this rule (or didn’t follow it in the past, even though no one had heard it until, like now) you’re a very bad person and perhaps shouldn’t be a judge. I’m always curious about the “some people offended” rule – is there anything that doesn’t offend some people? I’m pretty sure some people are offended every freaking time Mazie opens her pie hole, why doesn’t their offendedness trigger the SMO rule? As Jordan Peterson pointed out to that unfortunate TV woman, if no one can say anything that might offend someone else we can’t actually talk about damned near anything important.

And of course, the SMO in this case are the alphabet people (the LGBTQ “community”), therefore something or other. But can someone tell me who gets to decide on behalf of the entire “community” which words and phrases are worth fighting over? Was there a vote, do they have a separate gov’t? Are we sure that there is no one in this “community” who doesn’t prefer “preference” to “orientation”? What about the alphabet people who are offended by “orientation”, shouldn’t Mazie go off quietly and punish herself?

And, of course, since this rule was unknown until, like now, there are a helluva lot of fun video clips of Progressives using, you guessed it, “sexual preference”. Joe Biden for starters. I’ll bet we can find Mazie herself doing it a few times. Self-immolation time?

On some level this is really just about having power over other people and especially keeping them frightened. One poor choice of words and your career is in jeopardy. And the game is much, much more fun if the rules change frequently and there isn’t any warning. Ooh, you bowed when the Czar entered the room, but that was the practice last week, off to the dungeons with you!

I do wonder (and hope) that this type of BS is going to help President Trump win reelection by a wider margin. A lot of decent people are very, very uneasy about the idea that their career could be hanging by a thread because they hung up on the Zoom call before a black colleague or they didn’t smile big enough when the new department head was introduced or they had a Halloween costume 10 years ago that isn’t acceptable any more.

Last thought – as has been pointed out in a few other areas, if the alphabet people have time to bitch about this, it’s time to call off the dogs. If you’re fighting over the difference in terms “preference” or “orientation” time to call it a day, there aren’t any real problems left to worry about viz a viz the “LGBTQ Community”.

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3 years ago

“Preference” is a key bit of orthodoxy that undergirds the excuse that one has no choice but to engage in promiscuous sodomy during a real pandemic still 2/3 caused by promiscuous sodomy. LGBTQs must be guaranteed that everyone else joins their pretend game, that they get any job they want, even if a man wearing a dress in the showroom scares away customers, and that they suffer no career or other consequences from their CHOICE. Justice ACB did what she had to do, apologized and tugged her forelocks. Wish she didn’t, even wish she could explain how absurd Roe v… Read more »

John B
John B
3 years ago

Preference is choice. Would you like some coffee? Well I would prefer tea, but if you only have coffee that will do. Choice. I prefer coffee at breakfast but I prefer a cup of tea in the afternoon, but that does not preclude me choosing tea at breakfast… just for a change. Choice. One’s preferences can change with age, experience or circumstances: they are not fixed. Orientation is discovery. Locating or getting used to where you are in time and space and perhaps with respect to other people. That too can change. Predisposition is a more appropriate term for something… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  John B

I disagree. I prefer to read and not comment but today I choose to reply to your comment. Further we can choose to fight to keep words and meaning intact from the postmodern wokeratti.

dodgy geezer
dodgy geezer
3 years ago

This process reminds me strongly of Alice’s discussion with the Red Queen – indeed, with many of the Looking Glass characters. It is obviously meaningless, intended to confuse, and intended to exert authority over another. When Charles Dodgson wrote this kind of thing it illustrated the confusion children may have with pretentious and arrogent adults who are far more interested in displaying their superiority than communicating anything of value…

No change, then….

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