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How Many Kids Will The European Union Kill Today?

Thanks for all the fish, obviously

There are costs to everything, to everything. Sure, there are benefits too, but the important thing is to balance said costs and said benefits. We then go and do the things where the benefits outweigh the costs. For example, killing Germans has a cost to it. We then decided that not being ruled by Nazis was worth killing some million of them plus losing many hundreds of thousands of our own. Costs and benefits.

Getting rid of the econazis might well have a cost in piano wire but?

Or, to be less painfully jocular about this, how many kids will the European Union kill today?

Instagram is introducing new technology to its app in the UK and Europe that is able to better identify suicide and self-harm content, which breaks the platform’s rules.

The new moderation tools are able to more proactively spot self-harm content and automatically make it less visible in the app, and in some cases remove it completely after 24 hours if the machine learning is confident it breaks the site’s rules.

The feature is already used on Facebook and Instagram outside of the EU, where it includes additional layers which also see posts referred to human reviewers once spotted, who can then take further action such as connecting the poster to local help organisations and in the most severe cases, calling emergency services.

However, Instagram confirmed these referral aspects are not yet ready to be introduced to the UK and Europe because of data privacy considerations linked to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The social media giant said it hoped it would be able to introduce the full set of tools in the future.

Instagram has the tools to prevent the kiddies following such suggestive content down the rathole to suicide. It’s not allowed to use it here because we have rules to stop the damaging use of data.

There are costs to everything, absolutely everything.

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3 years ago

Ah, SILVER BULLET confronts intractable bureaucracy. Well, I doubt the silver bullet. There has been no case of our social-media “telephone switching network” inventing a rationale to not switch traffic that has not been put in the service of the owner’s and staff’s whims and political biases. For example, expressions of resistance to Joe Biden’s ascension to power will certainly be ruled “messages with potential for self-harm.”

3 years ago

Bloody GDPR. A,grotesquely bureaucratic answer to a non problem which has zillions of unintended consequences

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