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New Year Honours Become Gloriously Old Style

This is capitalism now apparently

According to The Guardian at least the New Years Honours List has returned to a gloriously past state. Possibly all the way back to Anglo Saxon times in fact – as it should be of course, life was better before the French arrived, of course it was:

New Year honours 2020: citizens awarded for response to pandemic crisis

Not content with just handing out a few gongs Her Maj has decided to hand out citizens as well. Who, presumably, become the handmaidens, the property, of those they’re awarded to.

Which is great. This is rolling all the way back to that Anglo Saxon idea that the thane or the local big wig owned not only the land but also the people upon it. Something akin to the Russian and Eastern European system of serfdom – the title came with the land and the peeps.

T’was the French, with their feudalism, that destroyed this after 1066. After that time one might owe service but one was not owned.

Isn’t this glorious? Now that we’re free, for the first time in a millennium, from the French we get a properly conservative policy?

There’s actually a point to working for a gong now, isn’t there?

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3 years ago

Bored between Christmas observance and New Year celebrations, Tim?

3 years ago

French ? Romanised Vikings aka the Norse finally conquered Pom Land . French king used coastal settled Vikings to stop Viking coming up Seine and burning Paris again. Vikings picked up Frankish customs which included a Roman legacy. I wonder how the local inhabitants of Les Britains thought when the Norse showed up ? Did they survive or merely enslaved ?

Michael van der Riet
Michael van der Riet
3 years ago

Are they allowed to choose their citizen or do they have to take it as it comes? I would be torn between (a) worth at least one billion, and (b) biological female, my species and under twenty.

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