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Why Are People Lying About Lloyds Bank And Their Black Workers?

Gross profiteers

That there’s a pay gap between the average woman and the average man we know. That there’s no pay gap between men and women, with the same qualifications, at the same age and level of experience, we also know. That is, there’s a pay gap between men and women and no pay gap between male and female peers – peers usually being used to mean the same in all respects except the one being examined.

Which brings us to this about Lloyds Bank and their black staff:

Black staff at Lloyds are paid 20% less than their peers, bank reveals

No, that’s lying.

The bank has not revealed that the black Oxbridge graduate working on a bond trading desk is paid less than the white Oxbridge graduate working on a bond trading desk. Nor has it said that a black bank manager is cruelly denied her due, nor that white mop pushers unfairly gain 10 pence an hour more than those of duskier hues.

Actually, that last might well be the other way around. Off in the sticks those who clean the branches are more likely to be paler than those who clean in London. And London wages are substantially higher than those in said sticks. It’s not certain but it’s definitely possible that across the mop pushing workforce blacks get higher wages than whites – the black, as opposed to BAME, population of the country is heavily concentrated in London which is why black women have, as a specific group, one of the highest per hour pay rates in the country.

What has actually been found is that blacks and whites are not peers among the Lloyds Bank workforce:

Lender releases data as part of race action plan, and says gap is due to lack of black staff in top roles

So, why are people lying about it?

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4 months ago

They lie because that is what they are paid to do. If they told the truth they would not have a job….

4 months ago
Reply to  JB

They are professional shills then.

4 months ago

It’s just another scam saying that people who get promoted should not get pay rises. Blacks are, on average, younger than whites: so fewer of them have earned promotions to senior jobs: so, on average, they get paid less.
If I was employed by Lloyds I should get paid a lot more than 25% above the average wage because I have an Oxbridge degree, a post-grad Diploma, half-a-dozen professional qualificiations and 40+ years experience. When I started work I was on £1100 a year which was top whack for a new graduate.

4 months ago
Reply to  john77

Oh. So you worked hard then? Sorry. That’s not allowed to affect your pay.

dodgy geezer
dodgy geezer
4 months ago

Left Wing activists lie because they can, and because no one takes them to task for it.

If you complain too loudly about it you will find that you are closed down.

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