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We’ll See You In Hell, Schwab!

It’s been over a year since the World Economic Forum sponsored Event 201 – a COVID simulation that they set running in October 2019.

It was great timing, as scarcely had their simulation ended than a real COVID pandemic broke out, although admittedly the real one was very different than the one they simulated.

VERY different.

Well, a bit different.

And almost a year has now passed since the national governments of the world started shutting down their economies to protect their populations from the new disease, which apparently started near to the biological weapons facility in Wuhan, China.

Which would come in handy if anyone needed to suggest this disease might be…………not completely natural. Open and shut case, Inspector Clouseau.

Wuhan you say?

But let’s focus on the matter at hand.

At this stage, almost all developed economies are in an advanced stage of economic collapse, and their populations are starting to twitch.

And now here comes Bond villain Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum, who are hosting Digital Davos right now (and sponsored Event 201 remember) and he is proposing that we “review our design-making paradigm” somewhat (h/t Steve Zahn) – Schwab and his acolytes believe that some kind of Great Reset would be….in our best interests.

He has a very nice corporate video explaining what it all means – he expects that by 2030 you will own nothing at all, but be very happy about it. And by happy he presumably means “too scared to complain”.

But wait just a moment, Herr Schwab.

The population of the world will not simply stand by while you enact global tyranny and impose some kind of global identification system upon them. If you want that kind of compliance you will have to threaten them first with some kind of hobgoblin (h/t Mencken) – people won’t give up their essential liberties in exchange for some temporary security unless they are sh1tting apples (that one’s Ben Franklin I think)

And if what you want is for the people of the world to beg for this “Great Reset” to be imposed upon them, along with your negative interest rates and cashless societies and vaccine passport identification systems and central bank digital currencies, you are going to need to engineer one HELL of a crisis first.

Manufacturing consent for THAT kind of Orwellian nightmare can only be done by lowering them all into an economic and societal shark tank – they must feel real terror I tell you.

Only THEN will they agree to the negative interest rates and the untested vaccinations and the ID cards and your new central bank crypto. Only THEN will they turn on each other, racing to snitch on those that try to call your bluff or resist by not wearing a mask in the car. Only THEN will you get the kind of compliance that enables large-scale societal change – you cannot merely………IMPOSE it.

They have to want it. To believe it is good for them.

Of course, there are few things better for them than NOT being lowered into a shark tank. Offer to winch them back up and they might agree to your terms.

So………..if you want your Great Reset Mr Schwab, you will need to plot and scheme for years, inviting world leaders to meetings to explain your plan, installing your puppets into the national governments of the world, and then engineering some kind of co-ordinated global crisis.

Unless and until you have a strategy for doing that, there is no way the freedom-loving people of the developed world will agree to your grotesque offer to strip them of their liberties and impose upon them a tyrannical world government run by your crack team of bedwetting psychopaths.

They will never agree to your authoritarian nightmare I tell you, even with Gordon Brown on your side.

So until you have the support of a whole range of national leaders and their establishments, AND can censor any online dissent through the major social media giants and search engines, I’d forget it.

What’s your Plan B?

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3 years ago

Why does he need a Plan B? Looks like Plan A has survived first contact with the apathy.

Andrew M
Andrew M
3 years ago

They should have tried this two generations ago, when there were fewer media outlets and governments could exercise control over their output. Just imagine if we’d had some kind of great reset in 1973-4.

3 years ago
Reply to  Andrew M

In 1973, the Russians and Americans were squabbling over who’d control the world government. Luckily neither could.

The virtues of competition in the political market place.

3 years ago

I fear the author has too much faith in the trained to be spineless conformist peasantry, especially the academic ones. In all the great freedom crises (WW2 on) the intellectuals were falling over themselves to explain the inevitable future was some kind of <drum roll please scientific tyranny. This continued as the threat changed from WW2 , Cold War and the inculturation of Marxist derived superstitions into all parts of academia. The Long War on Freedom continues

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