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The Ibrahm X Kendi Argument For Capitalism And Free Markets

Let us do Mr. Kendi the honour of taking him seriously for a moment. You know, instead of the usual screams of laughter at his statements. So, to take this seriously:

Writing this piece, I found myself thinking about Ibram X. Kendi’s book “How to Be an Antiracist.” Kendi’s central argument is that it is policy outcomes, not personal intent, that matter. “Racist policies are defined as any policy that leads to racial inequity,” he told me when I interviewed him in 2019. “And so, for me, racial language in the policy doesn’t matter, intent of the policymaker doesn’t matter, even the consciousness of the policymaker, that it’s going lead to inequity, doesn’t matter. It’s all about the fundamental outcome.”

That is, in fact, the argument for this capitalist free market malarkey. Because neither give jack shit for anyone’s race and, further, the outcomes are blind to it too.

Take a famed racist part of US history, Jim Crow. Sure, we’ve all heard of the coloured only waiting rooms and lunch counters. But the heart of the system was an absolute denial of access to a free market for their labour of those coloured* folks.

For the heart of that system was that all coloureds must be employed. Employment of coloureds can only be negotiated on an annual basis and similarly, all contracts at the same time. This meant that the employer – quite literally – had the whip hand in all such negotiations. A coloured was left having to accept the offer made because absenting oneself from the market wasn’t possible, therefore nor was choice, by construct.

The answer to this, as Gary Becker pointed out, was to actually have a free market in labour. Then that power imbalance largely – largely of course – resolved itself. Even simple exit, that Great Migration, ended it for those who left.

Or, as we can put it, it was the restrictions upon free markets that allowed the inequities to persist. Thus the Bendi argument should be in favour of the capitalism and markets, right? That “Is it Hell” is the correct answer here tells us all we need to know about Mr. Bendi too.

*If you want to start shouting that it should be people of color and all that then bugger off.

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13 days ago

If “Racist policies are defined as any policy that leads to racial inequity”, does that mean that any policy that doesn’t result in Total Utopian Equity is Racist?

John Galt
13 days ago
Reply to  Esteban

Very probably, but since Communism is what these buggers want it might well be that playing the race card is the easiest way of getting that said equity via Communism.

13 days ago

No, let us not take Kendi seriously, even for a moment. He has profited so highly from good people cowering at the accusation of racism that he wants to expand it to any policy that does not give “coloureds” equal (or better) results, even if the true cause is an individual’s lack of skill, or of hustle, such as a black kid convinced that we all hate him instantly on the most superficial grounds. He is advocating remedial racism, no more “anti-racism” than Antifa is “anti-fascism.”

13 days ago

Commentators such as Thomas Sowell or Joel Kotkin have long argued that progressive policies harm minorities, something can be observed as blacks migrate away from the blue state north and California to the red state south. It’s not the balmy August weather that attracts anyone to Houston. A recent article by Kotkin is at: The white working class figured out a few decades ago that the Democrats were against them. The minority working class hasn’t quite realized it yet, but there are signs that they are coming around. It’s ironic that per Kendi’s standards that the worst racists are… Read more »

13 days ago
Reply to  TD

Democrats have merely switched from oppressing blacks to oppressing whites. If working class blacks get it in the neck too, then that’s too bad by their reasoning. This allows them to continue their racial pandering in order to remain in power. Democrats are the masters of creating problems, then offering “solutions” that deepen and prolong that problem.

10 days ago

And thus Mr Kendi must be a racist, as I have no doubt whatsoever that the outcomes of his polices wold be more racial inequality and inequity.

But that doesn’t seem to have crossed his mind, so sure is he that he is right about what must be done.

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