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The Significantly Weird Attempt To Ban Menthol Cigarettes

Apparently menthol cigarettes must be banned because more blacks smoke them than do whites:

Menthol Cigarettes Kill Many Black People. A Ban May Finally Be Near.

This is not something new either:

Back in 1953, when menthol was not widely used, a Philip Morris Co. survey revealed that 2 percent of white smokers preferred a menthol brand, while 5 percent of Black smokers did,

So therefore we must ban menthol because more black folks smoke it than do whites.

Sounds pretty racist to me.

There is though a small little problem with this idea that we white folks should be saving our duskier bretheren from themselves and their appetites. You know, apart from this idea that the bossman gets to tell folks what to do, can’t have them all happy ‘n’ dancing a shit, can we?

And there are few starker examples than this: Black smokers smoke less but die of heart attacks, strokes and other causes linked to tobacco use at higher rates than white smokers do, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

From which we would and should assume that there’s something else, other than smoking, which is causing those heart attacks and strokes. Which is actually true too. Weight, diet and diabetes are known problems in the melanin enhanced community, no?

Oh, and smoking is known to aid in reducing those problems too…..

Still, we end up with the self-righteous white folks banning something that black folks enjoy doing. Isn’t that celebratory of diversity?

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29 days ago

Entertaining to see the NYT feels that it’s racist for we whites NOT to tell our ignorant black brethren not to do what they want.

Also amusing to see that the skin colour of Blacks is so important that it must have a capital, whereas we poor old whites just don’t deserve one.

28 days ago
Reply to  Boganboy

The capital B is because we have gone Full Tribal, a fashion started in the AP style sheet but now infecting and the Washington Times. Not Whites coz we don’t count. People who look like us used to own slaves (which, after 40 more years of retaliatory racism, will continue to be the case).

29 days ago

Can’t get much whiter than Johnny Winter. I do recall seeing him at the grocery store, buying a carton of Kools. But he was also buying 2 cases of cat food, and a bunch of tabloids. He bummed a Winston from me in the parking lot. I don’t think he ate the cat food either.

29 days ago

It’s for their own good though

28 days ago
Reply to  Esteban

Oh, really? I would expect yet another Prohibition to lead to new smuggling, kitchen attempts to mentholize, some of which will be lethal, and gunfights with cops.

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