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Cybercopter Money

Do governments benefit from inflation?

Or more pointedly, do heavily-indebted governments benefit from their debts getting easier to service?

Do they stand to gain from borrowing huge amounts of money to spend on buying votes, then reducing interest rates on those debts to make them possible to service, then creating new money with which to buy even more votes, and then finally creating so much new money that their existing debts are easily serviced with the new money, like a gigantic self-serving Ponzi scheme?

Yes, they do.

But the inflating away of these debts also harms the voter with price inflation. How to make government debts easy to service without making the lives of voters hard?

You can’t.

So you have to lie.

When our governments or their agents tell us they have created 2% inflation, they are basically saying “We just made your life 2% harder”.  Yet we trust the people creating this inflation to honestly measure it?

We trust those that need our votes to tell us the truth about how much harder they are making our lives?

Seems a bit odd. Cui bono and all that.

This suggests that if one day they had to desperately print so much money that it started making our lives 10% worse each year, and they knew we would be upset by that, they could just tell us that they have only made our lives 2% worse.

Especially as many people would struggle to doubt this, because their government has spent every day of their lives telling them that they have their best interests at heart.

So………….the government has a vested interest, and might not be telling us the truth.

But what about the “independent commentators”? If this was happening, someone would be telling us, right?

The Cassandrans

The Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 is estimated to have killed almost a quarter of a million people.

And yet almost none of those killed on the beach that day were locals.

When the water receded, locals knew what it meant, and rushed to tell the tourists to get to high ground.

Many didn’t – indeed there were so many enthralled by the spectacle of the receding waters that they stayed long enough to actually be swallowed by the subsequent tidal wave.

The locals were long gone by that point, but their attempts to warn the tourists had been a maddening experience for them.

Those that too calmly tried to explain the imminent catastrophe appeared to be delivering a message that was too asymmetrical for their tone. They were seemingly warning about a terrible disaster, but without showing sufficient urgency. Not credible. As time grew short, the locals began to panic and beg the tourists to leave, at which point they began to seem like they had lost the plot. The asymmetry had gone, but their wild staring eyes destroyed their credibility just as effectively. Too much urgency.

And this is a consequent feature of normalcy bias – if the recipient of your message is too oblivious to pending disaster, there is literally no way to convey it to them.

Too little urgency fails to dent the normalcy bias. Too much urgency and their normalcy bias tells them you are not providing credible analysis.

If you try to wake the dreamer, he dreams you are crazy.

Why Are These Lying Liars Lying To Us?

Governments and their central banks have given up trying to solve the problems they created with their insane borrowing and printing – they reversed course at Christmas 2018 and since then have been loosening again, their interventions now are merely designed to stave off economic death. Like doctors who have given up treating the gangrene, and are instead focused merely on making the patient comfortable with stronger and stronger painkillers.

And those that have tried to warn us of impending disaster have been sidelined. Not enough urgency. Or too much.

Our media tells us all is well. The inflation stats are benign. The growth figures are healthy. The unemployment stats are mild. It’s a triumph of psychological operations really – to convince us all that everything is normal, when all around us are the blazing consequences of never-before-seen emergency monetary policies, enacted a decade ago to tackle the existential threat to the world economy created by their profligacy.

In the deadwood media, no-one will admit that all metrics have been repeatedly adjusted to conceal the truth, and that the methods used today to measure these yardsticks of economic health are radically different from the techniques of yesteryear – a picture painted using those techniques would now depict a yawning Munchian howl of economic terror.

Go back to the old way of measuring unemployment in the US (for example) and it’s over 25%. Go back to the old way of measuring inflation (for example) as Shadowstats and the Chapwood Index have done and you get a figure between 5% and 10%. Deflate the aneamic GDP growth figures of the developed world by THOSE figures and you see the Western World has been in a decade-long depression of catastrophic scale.

Why else, a decade into this “economic recovery” are we still drowning in their emergency monetary policy diarrhoea.

It is clear what they intend next – MMT and UBI.

Having forced as much new liquidity into the system for as long as they can, and having achieved little except enriching their friends and allowing governments to stave off bankruptcy or currency collapse for a few more years, they now intend to take the final tyrannical step. They will shower us ALL with this new money, as Milton Friedman predicted they would.

But Milton got one thing wrong – helicopters are old hat and cash is dead.

The Cybercopters

The new money will surely be dropped from cybercopters – a global cryptocurrency, perhaps a stablecoin of their own devising (or even one “gifted” to us all by a friendly passing philanthropist), managed and overseen by a friendly central banking institution like the IMF. They will keep us safe.

With MMT justifying it, this cryptocurrency could power their UBI programs very nicely thank you – they may even decide to build in some demurrage to keep you spending it at the speed they prefer, and on the things they like.

It appears a technomonetary dungeon is being built in which they intend to imprison us forever.

Cybercopter money is coming.

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3 years ago

Alex, I lived through the 1970s and I watch inflation: it hasn’t hit us in the UK *yet*. The only double-digit inflation I have seen so far is the price of a haircut (up 20% – but I don’t begrudge the hairdresser as his Dad, who owns the shop and worked in it until he retired, has lost oodles while it was closed during lockdown); petrol pump prices are also up but that is just a side-effect of OPEC reducing production while demand has partially recovered. We are going to have inflation, as a result of HMG transferring money it… Read more »

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